Teams, show me your demos/outreach events

It’s fall which means demo season once more. What cool demos or off-season projects have you been up to?

Today we joined some teams at the McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center for Aerospace fest to show off our robots. It was a huge success and the kids loved it.

What has everyone else been up to?


We showed off our t-shirt cannon robot at new student orientation last week, and at a school spirit assembly on Friday.

We also held an open house after school the first 3 days, where students could drive our 2019 bot, our 2020 bot, or our 2021 FTC robot. We had posters set up in the room and had a lot of new people put their names down.


We were an exhibitor at a “back-to-school block party” serving the southeast community of Newport News, Virginia last weekend, at the invitation of one of our sponsors.

Not pictured: We shared our tent space with our friend from VA-DC FLL, who brought out an FLL table with the 2020 game set and a couple robots.

I brought my IR thermometer, and this patch of carpet got up to 155 F.


One of my favorite events we do is the Des Moines Mini Maker Faire. We set up in a space in the middle of the local science center with 3928 and the ISU moon robotics team, and just sort of do whatever with that year’s robots and field elements. Unfortunately we seem to be sitting out this year, but I hope we can return next year.


That’s crazy! I know I was worried about rain because of the remnants of Ida but it ended up being a beautiful day, but I’ve been to some rather hot demos and it can be brutal. Stay safe!


The SuperNURDs presented to all of our school’s wood shop and metal shop classes during the second week of school. We gave a short presentation about robotics and gave all of the students a chance to drive the robot!


We’ll be doing another conference presentation like this in the fall (virtually, though, because you know…) :


yooo its me! (very right)

also, after that assembly friday, we got like double the amount of people who came to check us out after school, especially more girls!

it goes to show how important it is to get your name out into your school, as well as having female and POC leaders who help break down the stereotype so a more diverse group of students feel like they’re being represented and more inclined to join. Same goes for mentors!


It really is a great event. Everyone on the team gets a chance to be driver and button monkey, we talk to lots of kids, and our students take turns manning the maker booths. Hope to see you back again next year!


We did a presentation for our school board meeting yesterday evening. Our presentation went great but the other public attendees were…um…a little more than we hoped for.

To spin it positive, the number of people impacted was a lot higher than a typical school board meeting.

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