Teams that already qualified for champs in 2020

I understand champs is canceled, but my team qualified by winning the Lake Superior Regional. I wonder if because of this we would pre-qualify for the 2021 championship?

Nobody knows that answer. Literally nobody. Not even HQ. Give it some time, be patient and wait for updates from FIRST HQ.

This might come off as harsh but its the honest truth.


On top of this, remember that even people with full time jobs to make these decisions have many larger priorities at home now. Kids aren’t at school, some people can’t go into the office, some companies don’t have teleconferences set up yet, and worse is that these people have elderly family members and themselves to worry about.

Please be patient, please be kind. Remember that everyone is fighting a different battle right now with different priorities. Our robotics competition is not important right now in the grand scheme of things.


According to my count, there were 165 teams qualified to attend one of the 2020 championships (excluding districts). That is too many to prequalify for 2021 unless they reduce the number of standard qualifications or increase the capacity of the championships.

Team Qualification method(s)
4 Winner @ Los Angeles North Regional
8 Winner @ Utah Regional
16 Winner @ Arkansas Regional, Hall of Fame Team (2000)
20 Original and Sustaining Team
27 Hall of Fame Team (2014)
45 Original and Sustaining Team
51 Hall of Fame Team (1997)
67 Hall of Fame Team (2005)
103 Hall of Fame Team (2003)
108 Wildcard @ Palmetto Regional
111 Hall of Fame Team (2006)
115 Wildcard @ Los Angeles North Regional
120 Hall of Fame Team (1999)
126 Original and Sustaining Team
148 Original and Sustaining Team
157 Original and Sustaining Team
167 Winner @ Lake Superior Regional
175 Hall of Fame Team (2002)
190 Original and Sustaining Team
191 Hall of Fame Team (1992, 1994), Original and Sustaining Team
217 2019 Championship Winner (Detroit)
236 Hall of Fame Team (2009)
250 Original and Sustaining Team
254 Hall of Fame Team (2004)
340 Winner @ Miami Valley Regional
341 Hall of Fame Team (2010)
359 Hall of Fame Team (2011)
365 Hall of Fame Team (2007)
589 Engineering Inspiration @ Los Angeles North Regional
597 Hall of Fame Team (2015)
694 Winner @ Palmetto Regional
701 Engineering Inspiration @ Utah Regional
876 Winner @ Great Northern Regional
973 Winner @ Los Angeles North Regional, 2019 Championship Winner (Houston)
987 Winner @ Los Angeles Regional, Hall of Fame Team (2016)
1114 Hall of Fame Team (2012)
1197 Wildcard @ Los Angeles Regional
1218 2019 Championship Winner (Detroit)
1311 Hall of Fame Team (2018)
1323 2019 Championship Winner (Houston)
1325 2019 Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
1339 Wildcard @ Utah Regional
1410 Winner @ Utah Regional
1511 Chairman’s @ Miami Valley Regional
1538 Hall of Fame Team (2013)
1619 Winner @ Great Northern Regional
1622 Chairman’s @ Del Mar Regional
1625 Wildcard @ Midwest Regional
1629 2019 Championship Chairman’s Finalist
1678 Winner @ Los Angeles North Regional
1732 Wildcard @ Midwest Regional
1758 Winner @ Palmetto Regional
1787 Winner @ Miami Valley Regional
1792 Chairman’s @ Great Northern Regional
1816 Winner @ Lake Superior Regional, Hall of Fame Team (2019)
1902 Hall of Fame Team (2019)
1982 Winner @ Greater Kansas City Regional
1986 Wildcard @ Greater Kansas City Regional
2022 Winner @ Midwest Regional
2052 Winner @ Northern Lights Regional
2096 2019 Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
2202 Chairman’s @ Northern Lights Regional
2283 Winner @ Regional Monterrey
2338 Winner @ Midwest Regional, Engineering Inspiration @ Midwest Regional
2357 Wildcard @ Greater Kansas City Regional
2429 Chairman’s @ Los Angeles North Regional
2491 Winner @ Northern Lights Regional
2500 Engineering Inspiration @ Great Northern Regional
2526 Chairman’s @ Lake Superior Regional
2557 2019 Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
2576 Wildcard @ Los Angeles Regional
2614 Hall of Fame Team (2017)
2626 Winner @ Festival de Robotique a Sherbrooke Regional, Engineering Inspiration @ Festival de Robotique a Sherbrooke Regional
2682 2019 Championship Chairman’s Finalist
2834 Hall of Fame Team (2018), 2019 Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
2905 2019 Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
2945 Winner @ Del Mar Regional
2987 Engineering Inspiration @ Northern Lights Regional
3008 Chairman’s @ Canadian Pacific Regional
3132 Hall of Fame Team (2017)
3245 Winner @ Utah Regional
3255 Winner @ Del Mar Regional
3266 Winner @ Miami Valley Regional
3284 Chairman’s @ Greater Kansas City Regional, 2019 Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winner
3293 Wildcard @ Great Northern Regional
3324 Engineering Inspiration @ Miami Valley Regional
3341 Engineering Inspiration @ Del Mar Regional
3360 Winner @ Festival de Robotique a Sherbrooke Regional
3374 Chairman’s @ Utah Regional
3478 Chairman’s @ Regional Monterrey
3598 Winner @ Canadian Pacific Regional
3646 Winner @ Bosphorus Regional, 2019 Championship Chairman’s Finalist
3653 Engineering Inspiration @ Palmetto Regional
3707 2019 Championship Winner (Detroit)
3794 Engineering Inspiration @ Regional Monterrey
3824 Chairman’s @ Palmetto Regional
3928 Winner @ Greater Kansas City Regional, Engineering Inspiration @ Greater Kansas City Regional
3937 Wildcard @ Arkansas Regional
3959 Wildcard @ Arkansas Regional
3990 Winner @ Festival de Robotique a Sherbrooke Regional, Chairman’s @ Festival de Robotique a Sherbrooke Regional
3996 ?
4009 Engineering Inspiration @ Lake Superior Regional
4020 Winner @ Palmetto Regional
4087 Winner @ Arkansas Regional
4182 Winner @ Northern Lights Regional
4191 Chairman’s @ Midwest Regional
4201 Winner @ Los Angeles Regional, 2019 Championship Winner (Houston)
4265 Chairman’s @ Arkansas Regional
4400 Chairman’s @ Los Angeles Regional
4481 2019 Championship Winner (Detroit)
4499 Winner @ Greater Kansas City Regional
4522 Wildcard @ Greater Kansas City Regional
4576 Winner @ Arkansas Regional
4593 Winner @ Great Northern Regional
4635 Wildcard @ Regional Monterrey
4728 Wildcard @ Lake Superior Regional
4955 ?
5006 Engineering Inspiration @ Arkansas Regional
5026 2019 Championship Winner (Houston)
5089 Winner @ Los Angeles North Regional
5124 Wildcard @ Los Angeles Regional
5133 Winner @ Regional Monterrey
5348 Wildcard @ Lake Superior Regional
5464 Winner @ Lake Superior Regional
5492 Wildcard @ Miami Valley Regional
5528 ?
5553 Engineering Inspiration @ Los Angeles Regional
5655 Winner @ Istanbul Regional
5672 2019 Championship Chairman’s Finalist
5851 Wildcard @ Del Mar Regional
5887 Winner @ Regional Monterrey
6000 Winner @ Los Angeles Regional
6014 Chairman’s @ Bosphorus Regional
6025 Chairman’s @ Istanbul Regional
6228 Wildcard @ Istanbul Regional
6390 Wildcard @ Canadian Pacific Regional
6485 Engineering Inspiration @ Canadian Pacific Regional
6486 Winner @ Canadian Pacific Regional
6560 Wildcard @ Los Angeles North Regional
6704 Winner @ Del Mar Regional
6989 Wildcard @ Bosphorus Regional
7021 Wildcard @ Northern Lights Regional
7285 Winner @ Bosphorus Regional
7292 Winner @ Istanbul Regional
7296 Wildcard @ Bosphorus Regional
7411 Winner @ Midwest Regional
7498 Winner @ Canadian Pacific Regional
7742 Engineering Inspiration @ Istanbul Regional
7830 Engineering Inspiration @ Bosphorus Regional
8002 Rookie All Star @ Great Northern Regional
8006 Rookie All Star @ Del Mar Regional
8027 Rookie All Star @ Miami Valley Regional
8070 Wildcard @ Istanbul Regional
8079 Rookie All Star @ Istanbul Regional, Winner @ Istanbul Regional
8084 Winner @ Bosphorus Regional
8092 Rookie All Star @ Bosphorus Regional
8096 Rookie All Star @ Midwest Regional
8129 Rookie All Star @ Los Angeles North Regional
8137 Rookie All Star @ Palmetto Regional
8159 Rookie All Star @ Los Angeles Regional
8166 Rookie All Star @ Festival de Robotique a Sherbrooke Regional
8174 Rookie All Star @ Utah Regional
8293 Rookie All Star @ Regional Monterrey
8339 Rookie All Star @ Canadian Pacific Regional
8416 Rookie All Star @ Lake Superior Regional

Team 3996 qualified through wildcard as 1st pick of the finalist alliance due to winning alliance teams 3990 receiving the Regional Chairman’s award and 2626 receiving the Regional Inspiration Award.

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They could extend the number of teams allowed to compete and add time to the Championship. This is merely one option, and I am sure FIRST HQ will think of others. I agree with others that at this time, safety is the number one concern. Though patience is difficult, it is the best thing for now.

I’d imagine a large chunk of these teams would qualify in 2021 anyway, so we’ll likely just have some messing with wildcard generation.


Yes, but given that there are two championships, it wouldn’t be that bad. For the 2020 season there are 77 teams that registered for Houston Champs and 65 teams that registered for Detroit Champs. That leaves 23 teams, by your math, that qualified but have not yet registered. That’s about 80 teams per championship, for which slots could easily be created for by elimanating some wild cards.

Has FIRST actually made any 2021 championship announcement? I thought the Detroit/Houston arrangement was only announced through 2020.

Honestly right now I am not sure there is even an announcement that any 2021 championship is happening.


How many are qualified outside of Original and Sustaining and Hall of Fame teams? Because those teams are going regardless, so there is already space allotted for them at championships
Edit: same with teams that have qualified due to EI or winning at Champs last year, or getting Chairman’s Finalist. Since there is already space allotted for them at championships next year, they shouldn’t really count towards the teams you are counting up here. To my count, this is 49 teams you can subtract from your list. This brings you to 58 teams per champs. At that point I’m guesstimating that probably 3/4 of those qualify again, bringing you to just 15 teams per championship that you need to make room for. Maybe you could solve that issue by saying that any team that qualified for the 2020 championship, they do qualify for the 2021 champs, but if they were not prequalified for the 2020 champs and qualify again at an event in 2021 they do not generate a wildcard? Eg. 254 goes and wins a regional with 1678; 254 generates a wildcard because they were prequalified due to being Hall of Fame, but 1678 does not generate a wildcard because they qualified in season in 2020.


I looked at the answers… 34 “Permanent” invites, 17 “2019” invites (without duplicates).

117 teams remain on the list. 58 or 59 teams per champs is… doable. It’s actually extremely doable. Eliminate the Regional Wildcard for a year, and you’ve got most of the space, then cut into the waitlist spots.


Even if you get all these teams to fit in, you’re still excluding district teams since they haven’t had the chance to qualify yet and teams that qualify at “postponed” regionals (which there may be many of). I don’t see any particular reason why the teams that happened to compete in week 1 and 2 regionals should qualify for next year’s championship but everyone else doesn’t even get a chance.

I think it would be a fine move for FIRST just to say sorry, no championship for 2020 qualifying teams. Finish this year with a strong off-season (including as many postponed official events as possible and usual off-seasons) and start fresh next year.

Why won’t it happen?

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No. There will be no rescheduled 2020 championship. Teams that qualified for the 2020 championship won’t be pre-qualified for 2021. If we’re lucky there will be some off season events, and rescheduled regionals/district events if your team can afford them.

I hate to be pessimistic, but the reality is, it’s way easier for FIRST to start fresh for 2021. Our team had a great robot this year. We got to compete Week 1, and even ended up an alliance captain, which is great for a team like ours. Even if events are rescheduled, we have made the decision that our season really is over (except for the offseason event we usually attend, if it happens). Cost, time, and coordination are all factors in this decision. We are not a team that can compete in hypothetical rescheduled events in November, then turn around and start a new season again in January. I think our team is closer to the norm than most of those represented on CD. It’s sad, but it really makes the most sense to expect this to be a “lost year” and hopefully things can get back on track for 2021.

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Do you know someone at HQ, or are you just guessing?


If you are speculating, I disagree. If the count by @forbes is correct, then only about 165 teams qualified for worlds, and a good number would have qualified next year anyway. Additionally, this is split between two championship events. So it may not be hard to squeeze in the extra teams that earned a bid for worlds this year with the teams that get their ticket next year.

I mean I thought it would be obvious that FIRST wouldn’t release info through an anonymous account named “Smoosh,” but I guess I should have added a disclaimer. No I do not speak for FIRST or have any direct knowledge.

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It’s just way easier to continue on next year without any additional planning. It was already a lot of work to get a season going (or at least I’m assuming). Who knows how hard it will be when this all shakes out. You’re right, maybe they’ll make the necessary expansion, but that would surprise me at this point.

You are right, it would be much easier to neglect all the hard these award winning teams put in, but would it be right? Probably not.