Teams to watch out for in week 3

After running through the biggest practice matches today I have a few teams worth checking out…

Shows the importance of having both a minibot and a robot.
A good robot with a decent minibot is more valuable than a team with a great robot or a great minibot alone.
Also another interesting observation… it seems a great robot is better than a great minibot.

1218 (20 pt robot, 10 pt mini) #1 team # 2 robot

1477 (18 pt robot, 9 pt mini) #2 team #4 robot

498 (18 pt robot, 8 pt mini) #3 team #5 robot
1165 (25 pt robot, 0 pt mini) #4 team #1 robot

Seattle Cascade:
3587 (9 pt robot, 15 pt mini) # 5 team T10 mini

2221 (0 pt robot, 21 pt mini) #1 mini

Kansas City:
1098 (19 pt robot, 0 mini) #3 robot

Sorry to Detroit, Seattle Olympic, Sacramento, and West Michigan…
Your regionals didn’t tweet so I don’t have data for you.

No love for Peachtree? :frowning:

At Peachtree I’d watch out for 2415,1261,2815.

ah sorry… those weren’t tweeted either. It seems FIRST isn’t able to keep up with the regional growth. The twitter feed was officially supported in past years, but now that 6 regionals in the first 3 weeks aren’t running it is disappointing. Especially considering its automated from the field system, it should be available at every regional.

Do you have any info on 2415,1261,2815? strong robots vs minibots?

Ah, modesty. I heard good things about 1771 as well. And no floor pick up my bahookey.

  • Sunny

51, 201, 217, 245, 469
West Michigan
27, 67, 1718, 1918

Do you have any info on these teams?
Strength of robot vs minibot…

How is 469? I have been yearning to see them play for quite a while!

I think they play next week.

We all have been yearning to see them play. They probably have a robot that shoots tubes accurately from one feeder station all the way onto the pegs for points as well as a sub 1 second minibot by this point in time. :yikes:

67, 469, and 3126 are my picks for this week.


67 had a rough start, but I’m sure they will come out ready to own this weekend.

469 always has incredible, competitive robots.

3126 was very impressive at the BAE unveiling. They had a very good rookie robot last year and I’m sure this years will impress as well. It was sad not seeing them in NH this year, but I’m sure they will represent NH well in Seattle! GO FLASHPOINT!

I’d like this thread to be more objective…
I want to hear peoples insights from the practice matches today.

I don’t want this to be just a list of past power players.
If you post teams, I’m curious about your reasons why…

They compete at detroit

Was watching 67 on the practice field today. They have a smooth forklift arm and was able to successfully deploy their minibot rather quickly.

While I certainly love the publicity, take Arizona’s practice match results with a grain of salt. There were so few robots practicing throughout the day, especially the early part (everything before match 15) that they were allowing team drivers to act as “robots” on the field to test the scoring system. Outside of 330 I don’t believe anyone even got a minibot up the pole in practice.

That no one’s mentioned 330 yet in this thread is ludicrous.

Right… This is why I only selected very specific teams, that looked as though they performed well for practice matches, in which most teams are dead. At the end of tomorrow I should have a much better picture of who the power players are. Also who some valuable underdogs may be. I’ve had a few team’s ask for their specific contributions, and I’m developing a tier structure for all teams. So you can have an idea of how good a team is without even watching a match. That being said this isn’t intended to replace real scouting, but rather compliment it. Create an objective metric to compare to subjective metrics.

Might as well replace my scouts with a freshman with a twitter account.

That’s what we plan to do. Not sure what I’ll be doing with all my free time at Midwest…maybe wondering why we keep losing without good scouting info.:wink:

In addition, the absence of team 971 in this thread contributes to the Lunacy, but they don’t compete until week 4…

Anyway I’m not too familiar with Sacramento teams but I think teams to watch out for can be 100, 604, and 3256.

Just from the practice matches at Boilermaker today it looks like 1018 and 1501 are both heavy scorers, did not see a lot of minibots though.

I also have high hopes for 2081!