teams using 2 omni wheels...

teams using omni wheels and regular wheels; will you put the omni’s in the front or back?

That is an excellent question. I have often wondered the same thing. Personally, if I’m driving a robot with two high traction wheels and two low traction wheels, I like the low traction ones to be in the “back” so the steering end is trailing rather than leading. I think it is just a matter of preference,

For us, we still don’t know what is “front” and what is “back” on our robot. It is actually quite arbitrary. What you should do is have a switch on your control board and a program that will “swap ends” in the software.

that’s exaclty what we are doing. I prefer them in the front of the robot, but if another person driving wants to change that, it’s easy.

We have the omni’s in the front. The front being where we pick up the balls.

It’s more natural when driving. Not sure why we have them in the front… but we just do.

Our shooter is also facing the back, the back being opposite where we pick up balls, so when we are aiming we can get more precise if our lower traction wheels are in “back”.

We have deployable castors - same idea - in the rear. When in the front, the robot is a lot less stable.

Define front and back when the driver has a joystick inversion button :wink:

“Front” this year.
“Back” last year.
“Front” casters 2 years ago.

Our ball colector is right smack dab in between the front two wheels, so we put omni wheels in the back for ease of control. We were going to use all traction wheels, but that didn’t work out very well.

Also, with the omni wheels in the back we can perform much better Blues Brothers maneuvers.

our omni wheels are at the front…and the other wheels are in the back.