Teams using MPLAB

I was just wondering what teams were going to use MPLAB this year. At NERVE last year, I don’t think I saw anyone using MPLAB. I know we’re going to use MPLAB this year, but is anyone else?

I’m pretty sure we’re going to try that with our startup Vex team. We’ve already started getting some of the FRC programmers to help the Vex team out. :slight_smile:

I will use MPLab as long as we can for FIRST. While EasyC is great for teams with no programming support, I would always choose writing out the actual code to using EasyC.

I have used, and will continue to use MPlab, I’d much rather completely write and use my own routines, because it helps me understand the code better.


I actually don’t like the MPLAB IDE very much, and would prefer to use another one such as Code::Blocks (which I finally got working with MCC18 today). For some reason I’ve always thought that typing out code was a lot easier than dragging blocks around and filling in a bunch of fields. In the end you just have a bunch of pictures and stuff but no idea on how it really works. I’d like to try and get our Vex team to use MPLAB or some other IDE this year – that would help prepare them for programming in FRC.