Teams Using Slack in San Diego


Our team (team 2658) is trying to get onto Slack and my advisors want to know if there are any other teams using Slack as a form of communication in San Diego, CA.


A couple hours north of you guys, but 1197 does. Are you seeing if you can talk to local teams sort of in-person and see how they use it?

Edited to add:
You may also want to look at What is the best way to use slack for a FRC team? and Team Communications options and see what some of the folks in there are saying. At least one person in there is in the SD area.

My advisors want to talk to the other teams’ advisors and see how they’re implementing all the legal stuff.

Yeah you guys are a little bit north. I’ll definitely mention you guys though. Thanks so much for the info.

Team 3128 in San Diego uses it. What exactly are your advisors concerned about?

Sorting out all the legal matters concerned with using Slack as a part of our club.

We use slack, whats the big legal deal?

I would assume their district has something similar, and (i assume) would like to know how other teams handle not breaking rules such as these online. While not explicitly mentioned in the YPP Guidelines, some districts want no communication to occur privately that cannot be traced/publicly seen (snapchat DM’s specifically come to mind) and Slack has a direct messaging feature. Their district may have other rules (maybe has to use school email, terms banned, etc) that they need to implement to their chat service of choice.

Pretty much. I’m not 100% sure exactly what restrictions and regulations are required, but my advisors wanted to see if anyone nearby was using it so that we could ask them how they work it out.

Seems like a lot of worry and hand wringing over absolutely nothing. Slack is used for an efficient “multimedia” exchange of ideas (cross-platform) specifically about “robot stuff” with specific sub forums and that is about it. Almost any platform CAN be abused so use it without abusing it and no worries to be had.

Sort of weird this is even a topic. We could go back to smoke signals I guess.

I get the gist of the YPP and agree youth should be staunchly protected, however any slack team member interactions I have had or witnessed are so far from “abuse” of the YPP that its a non factor IMO. Teams will communicate …somehow. There can be abuse in any form of communication.

We never worried about it. However, there are two simple solutions that I can see. Your policy says to not interact with kids outside of the proper context. So it would appear to me that it is incumbent on the adults to follow this policy. So, either always include a second adult in any DM with a kid, or only DM with a kid on an approved topic. If an issue comes up, the DM history can be revealed by inviting another person into the DM convo.

Inviting someone else into a DM creates a new conversation and the messages do not transfer over. However, screenshots still exist and can be used to much the same extent.

A while back, 1836’s high school was concerned about creating accounts for anyone under 13 (note that we have 7th and 8th grade on the team). We were able to get around this eventually in a very specific way… Slack allows SSO with Google. Everyone at our school is provided a Google account, regardless of their age. While you normally need to be 13 for a Google account, it doesn’t always apply with G Suite for Education. Through this workaround, as far as I know, we didn’t directly violate any TOS.

*Cue someone with too much time on their hands quoting the exact TOS line we violated *

Actually my advisors are more concerned with the age policy and wanted to ask the other teams how they did it. I am aware and how shown them the links I’ve seen sent before that let students 13+ use it.

We have a standing policy to keep DMs to a minimum, ESPECIALLY mentor-to-student. (Mentor-mentor nobody really cares.)

If people start using lots of DMs, the admin reminds everybody not to.