teams websites

can you just put a link to your teams websites and any ideas you may have for a website because i am totally redoing our teams website and i need help with the design

right now we have everything square and too much white, it is just too bland

our teams colors are orange black and white, which are horrible to try to work with

Team name: SigmaC@t

Team number: 108 (there is a link on the site above for soap)

SOAP = Sigmac@t Opponent Analysis Program.

Good luck. We are looking forward to see your new developed site.

If you are looking for just links to team sites there was this thread and you can see a list of a lot of them here :slight_smile:

Here is my team’s website, of which I have done much of the work on it.

Gus Team 228

See this nice tutorial on making rounded corners using <div> boxes:

If you want to see examples of these on a team’s website, I have implemented these on the Gus website. And white doesn’t always have to be a problem. On the Gus website, the deep orange and white make for a nice contrast. To break up the white visually, I implemented a very faint grid pattern background.

Chief Delphi is orange, black and white…
And so is my team’s website… and it won a Best Website Award. :yikes:

team 233

If you’re just looking for coolish ideas, our website looks pretty nice ( but I didn’t design it, so I can’t help out with how it was done. I used a premade layout from freewebs. It makes upkeep a lot easier.

Team 188 2004 Championship website and winner of 3 regional website awards. If you have any questions use the ask 188 link.

We have won regional we site award a few times its really great and all student hand done.

Team 384 Sparky

Team 759 (systemetric)


Let me know if you need help.

We have student and mentors of the month, for acknowledging those who work hard.


All student done (by me).
Team 1002’s site.

Were quite proud of ours so here it is. We have a couple ideas to improve it so ill post if the adress changes.

Nice. The one thing I don’t like (design wise, anyways, I haven’t seen the whole thing yet) is you have to click the navbar headers to make the submenu appear. If that were a hover thing… hint :slight_smile:

But nice!

Thanks the judges thought so too, we won the web design award at regionals! I never noticed that! Ill be sure to mention it (thanks) One thing we want is a HTML (for those who prefer) site and a Flash (go crazy!!) site… Also it needs more content which has been a complaint. Agian Thanks for mentioning that floating thing (after all its the little things that count!)

Many of these websites by students are wonderful! Like most of you our site, Aces High, is also student designed. We’ve had the site for a little of a year now. We would like to change some things around, but are not sure as to what yet, and would like ideas?! Also we may be getting a bigger browser so if anyone knows of any that can hold a large memory an what not can you you e-mail me or PM me?? It would be a great help to me, an the other web designers. Thanks so much, an your websites all look terrific!