Teams with 2 wins 2017

It seems right now that the only team with 2 blue banners is team 2960. As a member of this team I wanted to check if anyone else has won two districts.

1885 has two banners but only attended one event.

Unfortunately I don’t think so, but three teams will be going for that this weekend at the PCH District - Columbus Event: 2415, 1648, and 1746!

You are currently the only! (Many teams have won 2 blue banners already this year, but this was for Chairmans and a win.)

(Blue Alliance gives these stats under the “Insight” tab for future reference :))

3196 has two blue banners (but again, from 1 event)

Here are all the teams that have won 2 blue banners at one event so far in 2017, going into Week 3:
48, 192, 303, 537, 1595, 1885, 2052, 2468, 2614, 2642, 2832, 2974, 3196, 3211, 3310

But only 2960 has two event wins so far.

I’d bet on your team to get there.

But, Barker Redbacks will get there first. They just got home from a win in Shenzhen, and are now competing in Sydney. They currently lead the field there, with a 3.0 RP/Match through their first [strike]three[/strike] four matches. Boiler up every match. :eek:

Sydney to Shenzhen is a mere nine hour flight – a short hop by your standards.

Team 2960, Automation Nation have two banners:
Southfiled - week 1
St. Joseph, IN - week 2

Awesome job guys! CONGRATS!!

2642 and 3196 are killing it this season in NC winning the district event and district Chairman’s Award. My team accomplished this last season and it was really hard for teams to climb over that amount of district points so these two teams have a serious advantage over everyone going into States. I can almost guarantee they will both go to Champs this year.

1574 and 4613 joined the list on Wednesday. 4613 is going for #3 tonight (currently #1 seed).

1058 and 5687 will be vying for a spot in the club this weekend as well (North Shore & Greater Boston respectively).

2231 has won two ISR Districts, both as the last pick of the draft!

GreenBlitz 4590 won the chairmen’s award in the 1st ISR event and lead the 5th allince to victory in the 4th ISR event- 2 new banners :slight_smile:

Not sure why people are beating up this member in reputation (he was showing red dots earlier) - he is obviously new to CD. And he is very excited about his team doing something that many teams have not done yet - win two districts in one season. And it was done in back to back weeks with little time for iterations!

Congrats to 2960 for this incredible feat… I hope your team gathers up more banners in the weeks and years to come!

4613 is officially part of the 3 win club for 2017. 1 Regional and 1 Super-Regional left.

And those are Regionals too. They OWN that club!

2168, just joined the 2-District Banner club! 1 from New England, 1 from MAR!
Both as alliance captains. So dang proud of these kids, and so in awe of our mentors!

I just realized a FUN bit of trivia: Both of our events were in Bridgewater . In both events our first pick was the host team from a “B-R” High School (Bridgewater-Raynham High School, Mass & Bridgewater-Raritan High School, NJ).



We are grateful to have earned our way into the 2 win club for this season!

4939 just got their second event win of 2017.

303 is also another MAR team that went #2blue this weekend

technically 3 because of chairmans

p.s. I was sitting next to 103 @ chestnut hill and I think you guys blew my eardrums out. Congrats!

1595 has also joined the club.