Teams with multi-climbs

I have seen a couple of teams with multi-climbs or ramps, but I’m sure I haven’t seen all of them. Please post teams you have seen attempt to multi-climb or use ramps.

A couple of teams I’ve seen so far are 125, 148, 179, 2052, and 2502.

There is Andromeda One (4905) with two ramps.

You can see it in action during

4505 built working ramps, I also saw them in teasers/week 0 for 4905 and 95.

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Are you fishing for a photo? :wink:

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and I don’t have time to read that much this close to bag and tag so a photo would be nice :smiley:

Does any one have video of 125 heard that they have a crazy climber and partner assist too.I missed it and would like t see it again

Oh… you mean like this? It is my life’s goal to build something that I have as much confidence in as this mentor has confidence in his robot.

**Also if anybody can teach me how to post smaller images that would be awesome. **

Resize an image using Paint.

That is an amazing mechanism that I am excited to see in person.

Here is video of the match that they climbed in and attempted to get a partner with them.

2590 has double ramps as well.

I feel like this thread (or maybe another thread) should start cataloging teams that do multi-climbs on a real field successfully. I imagine it’s going to be hard to do consistently, but I’ve been wrong before.

We (2502, 1816 and 4607) successfully triple climbed at 2502’s week 0 event. We weren’t running a real match, but all teams were driving from behind their driver stations. It took us like 45 seconds to line up, but I imagine it could’ve been much faster with better communication.

It’s not something that will happen every match for triple climb robots…

Team 3489 has successfully climbed with 3 robots, but only in our shop:

Looking forward to pulling our partners up at Palmetto this weekend!

It will require excellent communication & coordination.

Use this URL instead:

(Add lowercase “L” to the end of the file name before the extension to resize to “large”)

On topic…

Your safety captain is having a heart attack. :smiley:

At about 1:18 we have one ramp that can lift two robots.

I am your OG and I will be respected as such.

Also, details on the Team Cockamamie build:

(Also, Team Cockamamie members settled on “wideboi” for that particular robot style. Or “longboi” for a 118-style lifter. Which is kinda semantics, but given that there are viable examples of both I figure it’s worth mentioning if it helps you plan strategy.)

Team 2791 is excited to show off our double ramp system! You can see it in action if you come to Central NY Regional :wink: but here is a quick preview!

As an alumni of 2502 (the one with the triple climb) and knowing the mentor, he would only do that if he had total confidence in the stability of all three robots.

Besides, it makes for a flashier photo.