Teams with Public CAD

Hello CD,

I was looking at 1678’s robot CAD that they recently released and it got me curious about any other big teams that have their CAD released. I want to look through these models and see if there is anything that these great teams do that could potentially help my team in upcoming seasons. I was looking through TBA and tried to find CAD models but very few had them linked, so I thought this was more efficient than scrolling through hundreds of teams on TBA.

An additional benefit to this is being able to show my CAD mentor that many big teams use Onshape and we could benefit from it :wink:

(Hi Sam and Laura!)

Thank you all in advance.


If you search for the tag “openalliance”, you will find a whole bunch of teams who have shared lots of information, often including CAD of their robots. Plenty of valuable information to start with there!

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Our CAD was 100% live all season! OA was a great experience. We should post a link to our modified version for IRI……

Spectrum, team 3847, has created an awesome spreadsheet where they have links to the CAD from different teams. Fantastic resource:


And if anyone wants to add their CAD files to the collection please submit the form here -


4180’s cad is on blue alliance