Teams with swerve, how do you plan on resetting the gyro in competitions this year?

As you already know, the gyro on a swervedrive must be reset in order to determine which way is forward. So, im curious to know how other teams plan to reset it in competition, and discuss about which way is best. (In the begining of auto, manually before each match, other…)

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In a robot-centric drive mode, swerve does not need a gyro to determine which way is forward. Forward is determined by wheel orientation. Some drivers prefer this mode over a field-centric mode.

Given that a gyro is not strictly required, most swerve teams still use one to enable field-centric driving, orientation of the robot for various tasks, and to correct for small inconsistencies in swerve module performance or angle calibration that cause path curvature or robot rotation while driving in robot-centric mode.

We have used the orientation of the robot at the beginning of the match to initialize the gyro angle. We try to use field markings such as an initiation line to improve accuracy. We haven’t finalized our auto routines for this season, but it’s likely that we will be using the tape lines defining the tarmac to orient our robot and we will set the initial gyro angle to the angle of the line. We will have multiple auto routines and the initial position of the robot and the initial gyro angle will vary based on the selected routine. The fender would also be an excellent alignment aid this season.

We haven’t implemented an in-match reset of the gyro angle. With newer gyros, the angular drift hasn’t been so bad that we felt we had to reset in-match. We also haven’t wanted to burn scoring time to drive to an alliance wall, guardrail, or other structure of known orientation to perform a reset. If your strategy this season is to shoot from the fender or while aligned to a launch pad, it might be possible to reset gyro angle in the process of shooting if such a reset is needed for some reason.


We use the “USER” button on the RoboRIO. Place the robot where we want it, press USER button to reset all sensors including the Gyro.

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My current plan is to have the student set the robot in the purple position against the field wall facing downfield so our field orientation is set perfectly. The code will then wait for the gyro to calibrate before it starts our disabled mode LED pattern letting the students know it is okay to move it to the green box where we will start our auto routine.


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