Teams You Are Watching Going Into 2023

With the heavy topics currently on Delphi I thought a more fun thread might be in order.

So who is someone that you feel is under the radar to the greater community that you are either looking forward to seeing what they build in 2023 or watching them compete?

I’ll start with 8044 Denham Venom. While watching the Tallahassee Regional and competing at the Bayou Regional this team was my big surprise of the year. Match 69 of the Bayou Regional this year is a great example of their current level. 3 of 5 balls in auto, 14 in teleop, and a mid climb for 48 points would have made them easily top half of teams at worlds based on our data. With 2022 being their first full year of competition I would not be surprised to see them continue to improve and compete at a level beyond what their number might imply.

The returning 2152 S* M* A* S*H is the other team I will be keeping an eye on. The last time they competed they went undefeated during quals at their first event before losing a tight finals and then captained a semifinal alliance at champs. Quarters 2-1 on Galileo 2019 is a great showcase of the little orange robot. They had an absurdly quick climb when factoring in line up time and could even recover from a failed attempt although this is not shown in the video. They were well on their way to becoming a powerhouse in Florida and hopefully bounce back after a few years off.

So what lesser known teams do you want to let the rest of the community know about?


Whichever PNW teams are swerveless in 2023. The three main ones from 2022 off the top of my head are 3636 Generals, 1x district event finalist, 7461 Sushi Squad, 2x district event finalist and 7034 2B Determened,, 2x district event winner and Newton division finalists.


After watching MadTown ThrowDown this past weekend, I can’t wait to see what 581 does this coming season. A very well strategically designed off-season robot plus a solid driver made for a very fun watch.

I’m really excited to see how FTC-powerhouses-turned-FRC-teams 8393 and 9001 do this coming season. They’re definitely very well-attuned to cutthroat competition at a high level, and it’ll be interesting to note how this translates to FRC.


9084 for sure. After they moved away from 5818 im wondering what steps they will take next year with their design.

7157 Did amazing last season and they are up and coming in my opinion. massive props for their simplicity and effciency.

599 and finally the robodox. Seeing their improvements at tidal with a completly new robot and a new coach, Im excited to see where they go in 2023.


Texas Teams

3005 has been knocking at the door of the elite teams in Texas for a while now, I think this might be the year that happens.

6800 was the best robot in Texas in 2022. Was that a flash in the pan or the start of a new dynasty?

9128 ITKAN Robotics, a solid FTC Team(s) making the jump to FRC. They built a really great summer bot for NTX ( Swerve/turret, super well designed and constructed). I think they re going to be maybe not a top top team, but “a who is that robot” solid district contender.


Besides the FMA teams that are always at the top (341, 2590, 5895, 1640) I think 1807, 1923, 2529, 4342 will all ball out in 2023.

-1807 - They’ve been top notch since at least 2019. Seeded high at every event this year and were finalists a couple times.

-1923 - Have been on a steep upswing, won like 20 blue banners this year including FMA champs. Swerve robot was :100: by BE

-2539 - A top team since at least 2019. Einstein appearance this year and absolutely destroyed off seasons this fall. They are taking 225’s place and I see them having more success at worlds

-4342 - Had great robots the last couple years with last being their best. Really perfecting swerve and their autos


133, ten times over. If you ever need an example of “simple but effective,” its 133, nearly every single year.

6329 is continuing their up-and-up and things will finally click together for a banner sooner than later.

5687 is regularly fielding differential swerve nowadays and having seemingly zero issues with it.

Maine is a real quiet state, but they sure do have some fun FRC teams to watch.


Teams I would look forward to seeing their 2023 seasons:

6672 - I know it’s weird to mention a world champion team here. But 6672 built an extremely well designed bot in 2022 and their team seems to be, from my limited interaction with them, poised to take the next step into being an elite team.

818 - 818 had a mini-breakout year in 2022, with a district finalist and DCMP division semifinals appearance, and I would not be surprised if they build on that in 2023.

8115 - a now third(?) year team out of Chesterfield, they built a robot in 2022 that was within their capabilities and was very strong at the tasks that they attempted in the game. Would not be surprised at a breakout year.


7157 and 6036 are my absolute must-watches. Both saw some explosive growth in the California scene, and I fully believe 7157 has potential to be the next powerhouse in SoCal in the coming years on their current trajectory.


Team 4907. My (new) general guideline is that if a team builds a jumping robot, I will be excited to watch them from now until the end of time.


I came here to say that, especially 2b going to chezy


114 has been at a few of the same events as us this year, and they’ve looked fantastic. Great driving, high reliability, and quietly some of the best shoot-on-the-fly code that I’ve seen this year.

5940 won their first regional this year, and then immediately followed it up with their first Einstein appearance and some seriously impressive performance in the offseason.

6328 was 5940’s alliance partner at Champs, also taking their first trip to the big field, although they’re so high profile thanks to OA that it almost feels silly to call them out here. Still, props to 6328 for killing it.

7157 has gathered some attention this season, and for good reason. They put together a relatively simple, high performing robot this year, and I expect to see success from them next year.

8033 is a very young team rapidly moving up the ranks. I’m very excited to see how far they go in the next few seasons.

Finally, shout out to 1706 who has been quietly improving in their region recently. This year they came out strong with two regional wins and an undefeated 4.0 RS on Hopper, followed by pulling us along with them for their first Einstein appearance. They put on an amazing showing. If anyone doubts this, watch them put up 12 balls in the last 30 seconds of Hopper Q111.

I’m tired of typing, but 1072, 1671, and 4499 put on really strong performances this year as well, and deserve credit for it.


creating an account to shout out a couple of well deserving teams from NE

3467 - 3x finalist in 2022, and i would be incredibly surprised if they weren’t competing with the best of the district again in 2023

1757 - upwards trajectory through all of 2022 and had one of the best scoring robots on their district champs field

will also give a +1 to 6329 they will be scary


Definitely 8033 out in the Cali scene. It’s absurd to me that their first event (effectively as a pre-rookie) was chezy champs. They’ve got a great design style, plenty of CAD firepower, and the student motivation to CRUSH the competition in their way.

Out in the south east where I now am, I’ll be watching 8575. Rookie all-star, rookie inspiration, double highest seeded rookie. From a group that had very little FRC background when I talked to them as a pit neighbor at smoky, they had quite a sturdy, effective bot. They’re now in the SC/GA districts world so I won’t be competing with them going forward, but I’m expecting great things!

Finally, the Tennessee team that I’m watching (when I have time between running my own Tennessee team) is 6517. Last year was the first year that they got to compete in two regionals, and they ended up making finals of one of them as the captain of alliance 2. They had some consistency issues, but a very impressive machine. If they dial in those skillsets and make sure they’re scoping their resources correctly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they become a SE powerhouse (which has more room with the aforementioned departure of South Carolina).


One from each of the Districts:
PNW - 2557 SOTABots. Their shifting swerve was absolutely incredible, and I’d love to see what they do this year.
ISR - 2096 RoboActive. They seem to be a solid team on the rise lately, and I’m excited to see if they keep that form going into next year.
FiM - 1684 The Chimeras. Fun to watch team, but as always, FiM will be super competitive.
FiT - 3005 RoboChargers. Great team last year, and given the positive trajectory that they are on lately, I have no doubt that the addition of JVN will benefit them.
Chesapeake - 4099 The Falcons. I’m interested to see how they fare, given their Einstein appearance last season and IRI win this offseason.
Indiana - 7457 suPURDUEper Robotics. Fun to watch at IRI this offseason, and I’m excited to see how they fare next year, given they won the district this year.
FMA - 1640 Sab-BOT-age. Always a fun team to watch in FMA, and I love to watch the creative designs that they come up with each year.
FNC - 587 The Hedgehogs. Great team at IRI, and it’s worth it to see if that form carries over.
FNE - 125 NUTRONs. Always super fun to watch, no matter how dominant they can be at times.
ONT - 4476 W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Awesome team, and I’m super excited to see how they fair next season.
Peachtree - 1771 North Gwinnett Robotics. Crazy swerve driving last year, always one of the most fun teams to watch in Peachtree.

Three from non-districts:
8033 Highlander Robotics. Awesome team with a rapid progression thus far. Great scorer in Turing at World Champs last season.
4499 The Highlanders. So much fun to watch last year, and I’d say they were one of my favorite teams going into the offseason.
1706 Ratchet Rockers. It would be absolutely awesome to see how a tournament with them and 111 Wildstang goes.


I came here to say this. I’m immensely impressed by them and in addition to their innovation, their team culture is great, and their mentors are class acts. Even before the jumping bot, they blew me away with their innovation, with their incredibly unique 2020 design and their vacuum mechanism for manipulating game pieces on their 2019 bot.




Thrilled to see waffles on this list. They’re very skilled technically, and I love to see a community team thrive.


I’m going to throw in two pre-rookie teams that impressed me at STEMly and Overtime.

Loyola Robotics (9098)

I got to watch them compete as a pre-rookie team at STEMly cup this year. Their drive team was quite talented and was able to adapt quickly to the competition environment. They were in an immensely competitive field and performed quite impressively.

Critical Circuits (9062)

Another pre-rookie team I got to see compete at STEMly! Their team energy and dedication was amazing. Their driver was one of the most skilled I saw at the tournament over the whole weekend! I dropped by to congratulate them on how they did at STEMly and the bond these students already have and their team unity is spectacular, they were all hyping their drive team up for how they did. I think this kind of team connection is super important and I think it’ll lend well to an effective build and competition season.


Sushi is likely going swerve in 2023 as far as i’m aware