#teamtether club

Who’s in the club? Post video and/or pictures if you have any.

148 is the club founder, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have inspired some other teams to build tetherbots with their withholding allowances.

At Lake Superior, 2177 added a tether ramp to aid in loading from the feeder station.

Additionally, 1657 has a tetherbot named Fetchy that grabs RCs for Stretchy.

Cut & Paste, from 1285:

ROY G BIV, from 4039:

2175 also added a tether ramp. C:

Also 1296 had a tethered robot at Dallas

Allegedly. :wink:

True - ours was a tethered design since sometime late in week one…


i dont think 148 is the founder. we actually thoght on that idea at day 3

Our team (4954) added a tethered Tote Chute(Yes, Tote Chute) extension at the Hatboro District event. It’s name is ReviveR.https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-9/10941835_1609296269300385_8389601841717164017_n.jpg?oh=d3ca757900a4356e2306e079b6bace4b&oe=557E94A8&gda=1435812241_00b6d1d362564e5d7282af88b13cceee

I should have been more clear. By 148 is the founder, I meant that they were the first team to publicly reveal a tetherbot. Additionally, I believe they were the first to use the sign #teamtether.

Obviously many teams were developing tethered systems before 148s reveal, and I didn’t mean to take anything away from them.

I’m aware of two tote ramp-type tetherbots out here, could be more (and more coming). 1197 and 3408 both deployed ramps at Inland Empire on the last day (Sunday).

For the teams that have powered tetherbots, I’ve seen a couple of different casings for the wires. I am curious to know what kind of materials are being used for this, and how well you or your partners can drive over it.

We may be joining the club soon, as we’re working on integrating an active tether connected to a stationary lift near the feeding station. If things go as planned, we’ll likely use it next at Virginia regional.

The winning alliance at MAR Springside-Chestnut Hill consisted of team 225, 1218, and 204. 204 included a tethered ramp lovingly called the “robox” or “Eugene”.

We were on #TeamTether at Alamo. The best part about our setup was the tether itself…to say that the robots had problems would be an understatement, but we had fun, nonetheless, & needless to say, plenty of lessons learned!

Will continue iterating for TRR :slight_smile:

Team 2881 also had a tethered ramp at the Alamo Regional.

Team 1984 had a Litter-manipulating tetherbot at the Greater Kansas City Regional.

That thing was adorable. Also at GKC, Team 1806, S.W.A.T. was part of #TeamTether via their HP tote ramp.

4901 jumped on the bandwagon in Orlando with an unpowered ramp. Slightly jealous of 1523’s cardboard box ramp, though.

3653 also built a ramp for Orlando. Only issue throughout the matches was the masons line getting caught in our wheels/axles. Having to remove our wheels after every match was torture.

At the Woodhaven district event the following teams all had tethered tote ramps in eliminations.