At the Las Vegas Regional, we grabbed a tote from the middle step and scored it. Are there any other teams that have done this?


I really don’t see the strategical advantage of grabbing totes from the step. I’m not sure if FIRST just thought that teams would be clearing the landfill, and that these totes would be a game changer, just like the bins. Turns out that only the bins are useful so far. Overall though, no purpose for taking the steps from the step. Just let 'em be and let the field reset have an easier job. :smiley:

Team 3930 SMART did it at least once at UNH while they collected an RC off the step their grabber took a tote with it.

We did it because there were only 10 seconds left and there were no more totes in the landfill. We wanted more points, so we got a tote from the step.

Are you saying you even cleared the upside down totes?

I meant all of the right-side up totes.

Well, that is quite impressive. What about the human player totes? Taking it from the step just seems so time consuming.

Well if you’re already in the Landfill area, and you can get a tote or two off the Step, why drive all the way over to the HP station and maybe get one tote?

I’d say that the mechanics of the step were underutilized. Point values this game I found odd. Its not to say they were bad its just to say that the point values seemed to contradict the game.

After you pull them from the step, you have to reorganize them into your intake. If you get driving confidently enough, just ram into the HP station, grab a tote, and go. I guess it’s what works for you.

I’m assuming this wouldn’t be your primary source of totes, so you most likely won’t be capping them. Therefore, there is no reason to stack them, so you could just push them onto the Scoring Platform.

Unless your alliance partners are using the HP station. FYI this is an icing on the cake strategy.

I believe we did at Lake Superior. We had an advantage because we can flip upside down totes.

Would have been cool if there were totes of another color on the step that were worth more points.

IRI rule change?

That’s a rule change that would shift how you design your robot, not just accentuate difficult actions that a large portion of robots could already complete in theory (like adding more autonomous balls in 2014, increasing the value of autonomous scoring in 2007, or allowing for qualification triple balances in 2012). So, I’d pass on it being an IRI rule change.

I would like to see autonomous values increased at IRI, though.

If you have cleared the entire landfill alone, I applaud you.
I like the idea of having bonus points on those totes. That would make it more worthwhile.

Or maybe a 2x multiplier for all totes ABOVE the bonus tote.

We might be using them…:rolleyes:

Agreed. Changes to how the game is fundamentally played shouldn’t fly at IRI.
However stuff like yellow totes being scorable as normal totes in teleop would be totally reasonable changes for IRI.

My personal hope for an IRI rule change is changing seeding and eliminations back to W-L-T format.