Teamwork Strategy

Because I haven’t seen any of these forums on here yet, I’ll start my own. What are your opinions on teamwork strategy? Such as, if you have on robot who can pass and two who can defend, what do you do, and so forth. As of so far the best strategy I can think of is cherry picking: for each robot to find their ideal position to pass and score, and stay there the entire game. Any ideas?

We finally had a run through of the game one alliance only using the real ball and team members acting as robots. They were constrained to handle the ball with one hand only. If they wanted to shoot, they had to do backwards over their heads. Robot movement was only on their knees, so it was slow. I think they learned a lot more about the game than dry reading the rules. They probably have more to learn, I know I do. At the end of the exercise, we asked them to imagine what an opposing alliance might have done to them. Absolutely nothing better than getting the grey matter percolating.

but seriously… IMO teams who have good coaches/drivers that can be more fluid than “stay in this zone” will have more success. I guess drivers have always been really important, but I think this year that might be the case even more.