teaser of 2502's robot

I posted this video a couple days ago on a different thread, but I wanted to create a thread for it so I can hear your feed back on how you think we could improve our design and maybe help the community a little bit (i know it’s pretty late). We are about done with our climber that isn’t shown in the video but hopefully it will be sub 5 seconds. We’re currently beefing up our active intake to hopefully better deal with defense. We have no plans of going under the low bar and the rods have been fixed to fit inside the height regulations. Any suggestions would be helpful and I’m also more than willing to answer any questions you might have.

This robot is incredible and the shot is so perfect!!!

Looks great! One question though. How will you insure the fibreglass ‘antennas’ don’t travel more than 15" outside your frame? We’re trying to figure this out right now for our bot.

Looking good! Are the rods there solely to help travel under the portcullis?

what do the ‘antennas’ do? why do you even need these on your robot?

My guess would be for better visibility of a short robot across a field with tall obstacles. I know we’re doing something similar for that reason.

Great looking robot!

I love the antennas on top of the bot for visibility, I think it will help a lot.

If you are worried about your antennas extending outside of your frame perimeter, you could make them shorter and center justify them on the robot.

Have you considered what would happen if someone runs into the bot at the moment you pick up the boulder? it looks like it might escape out the top/sides.
It seems like you have good control when the boulders enter the robot though :slight_smile:
I am really digging that shot, but you should watch out for ware and tear over the season as it may reduce the energy that you are able to transfer to the ball.

The rods were mounted with duct tape at the time of this video as a proof of concept. We have since made better mounts for them and have decreased their length to help prevent them from extending beyond 15 inches. Worse case we can use a more solid rod because we don’t plan on going underneath anything. We have polycarbonate sides on the intake so the ball can’t escape, it’s just hard to see in the video. Thanks for all the input.

Is that reflective tape near the top of the fiber glass rods? If so, you might jam the vision sensing for some robots (not completely sure). Doing this is also against R9 as C clarifies in the blue box.

That part is no longer on the rod, we made the rods shorter (after the video was filmed) and that part was cut off in the process. Thanks for the feedback

What exactly are the rods and what are they made of? And are they rigidly mounted at the base?

We’ve been trying to find something like that but haven’t found anything flexible enough. And I’m not yet in love with a tilting spring-loaded base.

Great job, guys! Clearly your work with Aerial Assist helped you out on this one…

You can get the rods at homedepot or Lowes they are driveway markers.

Really? The driveway markers at the nearby Tractor Supply seem much stiffer than what’s in the video.

They maybe thicker than ones in video. I am not saying that they got theirs from either place. Someone asked where to get such rods.

Looks great. Can you only shoot from the middle?

no, anywhere on the battter and any side. We do prefer the middle

That is good. It always worries me when I see a robot with one shooting position.

One other “word of caution” based on seeing several similar shooting/collecting mechanisms in 2014, since you can’t shoot with your collector pulled inboard, people will quickly figure out that they can “block” you from shooting simply by pulling up behind you where you wouldn’t be able to flip your collector out.

Granted, they would probably be limited to the pinning time limit before having to move away but this would add significant time to every cycle you run.

Not sure if you have any options to allow a shot to be taken without clearing your collector outside your frame perimeter but that might be worth some attention.

Great job though on the machine!

Incredible robot! Hopefully we’ll get to compete at the State Championship together this year. Wouldn’t expect anything less from such a great team. There are three 2502 alumni on Bison Robotics and they’re all brilliant.

Are you able to calibrate the catapult to shoot from further away? Example: Defense robot follows you around and parks in your spot, do you have to go to a different spot, or will you be capable of shooting from a robot width away from the tower?