teaser pics

Guys i love looking at teaser pic to see if i can guess what it is you are making, but the teaser pis this year are getting dumb. What is the point of taking a pic of a bar or square block with a hole in it. Some of the pictures do are not even going to be on the robots.

How do you know?

Have you seen their completed robots?

If you don’t like them, don’t look.

Well, sick of teasers? Then check out sparky384.com, we have pics of our robot in full up. We won’t tell you directly, but hey, you can interpret what we are going to do.

i’m enjoying these teasers, it’s just cool to see what people are doing to have fun and what can be possible to be seen at competitions. 179 stuff is catching my eye of course b/c she’s our sister team.
keep up the teasers just yeah take photos of actual parts that isn’t just a bar stock, it does have to have some meaning.

keep up the good work

I feel the same. When you click on a teaser you are expecting something a little more than a picture of a bolt.

Tease-To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity in without affording satisfaction.

You are missing the point Cory

Who said a teaser pic has to be a pic of the robot. It’s a teaser isn’t it?

Check out the link in my signature for plenty of non teaser photos.


!!! TEASER PIC!!! Blue wire? not just blue wire… nasty eye hurting blue wire-- Will we use it? You’ll have to come gut the robot to see! See you at nationals!

ok… see
this builds no anticipation =)

Ok, so for everyone that doesn’t like the teasers, I challenge you to post a better picture of your own robot, or stop complaining. Nobody has to post any pictures of their robots/parts of their robots. We should consider ourselves lucky that they want to do so.


Honestly, I have to agree with you, it is kind of stupid to post a hole in a piece of metal as a teaser (unless you’re 179, and there’s several pieces of metal with very big and cool looking holes in them ;-)), but hey, someone, somewhere is happy that they posted that “teaser.” So just let them be happy, let them post what they want, and if you don’t like it, ignore it. I know that’s what I’ve been doing this year, especially because I don’t expect to see any impressive robot teasers, only because this year I think most robots will be functinally similar, and the teams that come out with the crazy designs usually don’t bother posting teasers.

I agree with nuggetsyl’s complaints about teaser pics. Why is it that bandwidth and space are taken up for these useless pictures? I now see that the resources could be better allocated to allow users to search for actually useful information more than once per 25 seconds. Chiefdelphi has always provided me with useful information, but that becomes limited when it is difficult for me to find it. Thankfully, I don’t ever see anyone posting a whitepaper teaser: “Delphi’s XS(F*&W#($ Drivetrain Details”.

Teaser pics ARE interestin XP

im really about ready to quit put any photos people could steal my team idea

we used that square block with a hole in it :confused:

Wow, I’m really sick of hearing people complain about things on these forums.

If you didn’t know, every photo that is posted on Chief Delphi goes through a screening process before it is available for public viewing. Moderators (who are assigned for a reason) must approve pictures, and I’m sure if they feel a picture is a waste of space and time, they wont let it through. But, obviously these moderators think the teaser pictures being posted are OK for everyone to see, so they are approved. If a picture is not approved, it is sent back home on the same dandy road it skipped in on. So, I don’t see why people are complaining. :ahh:

But people really, have you ever just sat back and though about how great of a tool this site is?! What other place can you go and get answers to all your FIRST questions from GREAT engineers, and make some friends along the way? Nowhere. Now, why are you complaining about trivial things such as teaser pics? If you thought about it for a second, you would know that behind every teaser photo there is a proud student. Who are you to tell them that their idea of showing the CD community what their robot may be (it may even be a riddle!) is dumb? I encourage everyone who posted here to post in this thread. If you have more complaints, post them here.

And as for bandwith issues… I think the only one who should complain about bandwith problems is Brandon. I mean, who are you to know what CD’s got under its hood? :cool:

Alright, this thread is going nowhere. Feel free to contribute good, positive posts to this thread, regarding teaser pictures: