Teasers that aren't teasers!

I want to know your thoughts on all of these posts this time of year that say “Team 135 Teaser” or simular that show you a pic of something that we all have in our labs (piece of plywood, motor, ball, etc), that is not a teaser at all.

Just guessing…do you think they’re kind of lame? I sometimes do.

We could post pictures of pool noodles and plywood too, but we’re conscious of bandwidth. And bumping ‘real’ pictures.

Sometimes I wonder if the ‘tease’ is just making people click on pictures of random crap.

I pretend they don’t exist.

I guess if you’ve got nothing better to do, it doesn’t matter…however, if you’re really trying to figure something out, it’s pretty much a big let down/insult. Its like saying, “I’m better than you just because I am” Whatever happened to gracious proffessionalism? Kindness? Team spirit?

A joke once in awhile is all good fun - but its really just gotten annoying. :frowning:

Every single person has posted a teaser this season. Usually one or two teams post one, everyone spends time and have a good laugh trying to figure it out, and it usually meant something.

Now it’s a bunch of wheels or the game piece sitting on something. They’ve been getting really lame, to be honest.

I don’t mean to be excessive. But I’m seriously considering neg repping any thread with a misleading title. Specifically the non-teasers. I’m not a hard man to annoy, I know this. But this is certainly one thing that does it.

1114, 217 & 148 posted ridiculous & useless teasers as well this year, yet they seem to be popular among the posters here.

Oh the other hand, lesser known teams post pics they themselves think are funny but are in fact also ridiculous & useless, & get negative rep, or bad comments about the picture.

Talk about a double standard huh? :frowning:

I think if we are to talk about ridiculous & useless teasers we need to address EVERY team who does it, but then again, my personal feeling is, that it doesn’t matter what you post as a teaser.
If it’s ridiculous & useless I’ll just ignore it unless it’s to make a comment on the teaser item itself, even if it’s “just a kit part” such as a rover wheel as many people have pointed out as a “bad teaser pic”.


More relevant now than ever:

Apparently those pleas fell on deaf ears.

Outside of the 1114, 217 and 148 “spoilers” where people are outright desperate to hear anything from those teams but in reality you aint gonna know diddly til February 26th what they got it’s the “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” age of the internet. Teams want to stand out so they do this.
I hate spoilers personally but it’s a free country. Go ahead and post them but I have the right to ignore them and I will. End of problem.

All of you that include 217 in the list of teaser posts, please point me to any actual teaser 217 has posted. I really want to see the teaser we have posted this year.

Please get the facts before you post.

This was the picture I was talking about that got everybody excited.
Like I said people want information on champions. It doesn’t seem to be any different than Dave’s odd game teasers. On February 26th all will be made clear and people can start to take their beatdowns no matter what information they got.

Sorry if there is a double standard.
I guess we should all be equally interested in all teams, right? I should care as much about a kitbot drivetrain as whatever is being built in Hammond, right?

Yes, our teaser was ridiculous and useless. We know it was.
It was more of a parody of the ridiculous and useless teasers out there. It is also fun for us, because as said above – everyone seems to eat it right up.

Don’t worry, we won’t be doing it again next year.
No more teasers from 148.

As usual, 148 will unveil our full robot in video form shortly after ship.
To tide you over…

Here is our 2007 video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5733368755681627498&ei=ZgSZSYuXHIP6-QGluemwDQ&q=robowranglers

Here is our 2008 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fLf71xlVhE

2009, shortly.



I repeat. Please point me to a teaser post any member of 217 has submitted.

That was submitted by 1114 without any help from us.


Paul is the classy one, he had nothing to do with those teasers. It was all 148, 254, and 1114. We did it without 217’s knowledge or consent.

Awww, now look what y’all gone and done. >.<

Paul, it doesn’t matter if you submitted it or not. People see 1114, 148 and 217 in the same sentance and get all excited even if you have nothing to do with it. They start making all sorts of wild assumption about collaborations and such because that’s what teasers do. Fuel speculation.
What exactly are you so angry about anyways? It just means people are excited about what your team is doing. There are hundreds of teams who love to get half the attention you guys garner. That’s why they do the teasers in the first place.


I am not angry at all. I just want to set the record straight based on this false statement:

1114, 217 & 148 posted ridiculous & useless teasers as well this year

And just to make sure everyone is clear. If 148, 1114, and 254 would have approached 217 about a teaser, then we would have done one too. We would have also approved of all of their ideas as we think they are hilarious. John knows me pretty well so he should know better than to accuse me of being classy.


Since that’s my quote Paul, I would like to apologize to you & the rest of 217 for dragging your team’s number into the conversation based on pictures uploaded by other teams. That was in fact a bad assumption on my part & an oversight, & I’m sorry for that.

I would also like to apologize to John, Brandon, & the rest of 148 as well, since the trailing wheel teaser pic Brandon uploaded a while back was in fact pretty cool & released early enough in the build season to spark some ideas & help a lot of teams this year in a game challenge & also, the video was pretty neat as well. Also, to John personally, in response to your post above in this thread, please don’t let one comment on my part stop you from enlightening your fans in future years from teaser pics.

1114’s teaser picture on the other hand. Meh. :confused:
Well, in hopes of not being told to “get a life” again in a negative rep, I’ll keep my comments here on these forums to myself on their teaser picture(s) now & in the future as well. :o

My whole original statement was just that I didn’t care about the nonsense teaser pics & whether team’s uploaded them or not anyways & was more social commentary about picture popularity among different team numbers than complaining about any actual pictures.
I guess that point was missed by some people just because I included some “famous” team numbers in my post.
It’s sad that is has come to this to be honest.

It’s like a game only without a game manual with the rules outlined. Some folks enjoy it, some folks don’t.

Don’t worry about it, Elgin, enjoy ship day and the competition season. Teasers are teasers are teasers are teasers. Nothing more, nothing less.