Tech Fouls at ISR #1

Does anyone have some clarity on the number of high-point fouls that were called at ISR #1? There are some crazy swings in tech foul points, with the highest I saw being 90 points to red, 45 to blue in quarters 1 match 1.

Were these all trench / loading zone fouls, or something else? What advice do you have going into week 1 events for drivers to avoid these penalty points?

Not all match footage is up yet, so hopefully that can provide some clarity.


From what I saw, most of them were protected zone fouls. In order of frequency, Iā€™d say power port, rendezvous point while climbing, loading zone, then trench zone.


There were a lot of teams close to the loading zone coming into contact with teams leaving the zone. Tech foul, if you are going to defend you need stay a robots length away from those zones to avoid the protected bot ramming you and getting you called for a foul.

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