Tech TV is doing an hour special on FIRST Robotics 2004 season, and filmed at Chatsworth. Fan 7th grader teammate Taylor got to talk with his favorite host.

They didn’t interview Taylor on camera.

However, they did interview our new sponsor, Scott Tupper, owner of American Aircraft Products, on camera.

They asked Scott, “Who designed that?” Scott started to say the students (thinking they meant the robot), when the tv crew said, “No, your hair?”

Scott gave his usual answer, “It’s a skullet!”

are they going to any other regionals, and did they follow any teams like last year?

My impression was Chatsworth was only a piece of the project, but I didn’t hear where else they plan to go, and I don’t know if they did this last year.

I have bad news, they just didn’t follow you guys. They also followed Two Train, 395, around the VCU regional.

Is Tech TV strictly a satellite channel? Or is it possible my cable company doesn’t offer this channel? Also, does anyone know when this 2004 FIRST special will air so I can attempt to track down a copy of it. This sounds like it will be a great video for presentations and possibly recruitment for teams.

Oh well, for the time being it sounds like I’m stuck watching TLC and Discovery. It would have been nice to watch FIRST on tv instead of Trading Spaces and Monster Garage all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t know if it’s only satellite, or when it will air. Will update when I learn.

Not anymore. A lot of cable companies are picking up TechTv and like 50 billion different Discovery channels in their digital cable packages/

Yah, Tech TV is starting to be picked up by alot more companies. I know our local cable, cable vision’s digital cable package includes Tech TV. If it would also include NASA tv, then I would be set… :frowning:

I get TechTV in Charter basic cable, but my friends with comcast digital cable say that they have to pay an extra charge if they want TechTV. TechTV is one of my favorite channels. It got added to Charter basic cable in December, 2002. Last year I only remember seeing a short clip of a FIRST competition on Tech Live (a show on TechTV) one time.

Their crew visited us for three days during the build and will also be in Atlanta. I believe the project includes four or five teams. When we learn of more (air date, etc) we will let you know.

Two Train robotics… I remember them… They had train engineer jumpsuits at NYC regional last year and were part of our alliance in the finals.

I’ll have to watch this if I can get it somehow, and look and see if they still have the jumpsuits.

Bad News… Tech TV was bought out by Comcast and it will be turned in to G4

here is the link for the artical

dont think we will see robotics on Tech TV any more =(


awww man…i loved that channel too

This probably means also that the FIRST special is in jeopardy and may not air. You also got to feel bad for BCR and Two Train. Thier teams were all siked up thinking they’d be featured on TV and now thier hopes are dashed. :frowning:

the special will probably still air. So, thats why i dont get TechTV anymore on Cox cable. I remember a few years ago when A+E followed us(116) and 388(Grundy) around for the build season and VCU for their show competitors. That was fun, especially cus part of it was shot during an all-nighter in my garage. heh. my old garage anyway(sniffle sniffle…i miss my old house and nearly dieing cus of carbon monoxide poisoning because of bad space heaters in my garage during the countless hours building in there during last years blizzard, well at least now we have a heater in our new basement shop).

Dave Lavery in a sub-par house? HOW CAN THAT BE? :wink:

I hope this airs soon. I doubt that this won’t air, G4 and TechTV is a proposed merger that hasn’t happened yet, if at all. If it does go throgh, don’t expect them to merge till this fall.

well Monday the 29th - Friday the 2nd is robot week on TechTV. mabey something will be on about first. Any one know the dates or if any thing will be on

Yes it is robot week and we believe there will be something on, but we are not sure. Keep your eye on “Tech Live” this week.

I remember that. It was on A+E and called The Competition. It was actually a (short lived) series that was hosted by Terri Bradshaw of football fame.
I’ll have to watch it again to see pics of your old garage.