TechBrick Has Posted Full Resources for the SmartMoves Challenge

TechBrick Has Posted Full Resources for the SmartMoves Challenge

Full Set of Mission Resources Now Available

  • A Practice Scoring Sheet for Strategic Purposes NEW!
  • All the Rules and Guidelines in One, Handy Document NEW!
  • Mission Videos in WMV NEW!
  • Table Elements Instructions Reformatted
  • Smart Move graphics
  • Worksheet for the “Smart Move” Challenge Table
  • 11x17 Field Worksheet for Strategy
  • A Worksheet for the Challenge Elements
  • A Strategy Worksheet for the Challenge Pieces
  • What is a Team Info Sheet?
  • Cool LEGO Ruler With Stud Counters
  • Step-By-Step Programming Worksheet

Go get them at:

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Thank you TechBrick

I struggled through the FLL website yesterday, trying to extract the mission information, unable to print out anything resembling usable instructions (without having to deal with embedded videos and popup windows).

Other than that one red box on the RHS, there was no way to get to the actual challenge page from any of the menus… Just a whole lot of “Coming on Sep 3” pages. D’OH

I think that after Microbiology, the next theme should be “creating a world where the FLL website is easy to navigate”. Perhaps getting a few 5th and 6th grader involved could help :slight_smile:

The joke is… before heading off to our first practice, I checked TechBrick’s site to see if you had done your magic yet… I guess I was just a tad early :slight_smile:

Once again… great job, great resource.