Techbrick Robotics Resources for 2018-19 Into Orbit: PPT Templates and More...

Techbrick RoboticsResources for 2018-19 Into Orbit: PPT Templates and More…

We’ve updated a number of documents and added some new ones. Many documents now available in German and Spanish!

NEW: PPT Templates with FIRST INSPIRES stats and background slides help you get ready for your team presentations.
Key FIRST Information
FIRST Principles
FIRST Core Values
FIRST Global Stats
FIRST Impact Info Graphic put in slide form.
Including sample Kick-off PPT from TechBrick

Must Have Photography Guide from TechBrick’s Founder.
Tips and guidance from more than 14 years of covering FIRST events. Practical, easy to use, ideas and techniques. And it is free.

For Innovative Training and Practice Tools See:


Resources for the FLL 2008-09 Challenge: Cool Mission Cards. A Great Way to Get Your Team to Find Solutions (from the archives):

How to calibrate your NXT/EV3 motors (from the archives):

Tournament Day Tips: How to prepare for your tournaments.

Build Day Tips: How to Prepare for your build day.

Fundraising and Corporate ID ideas.

Go to for all these documents and more!

Enjoy. Share. Use.

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