TechFire 225's Recruitment Video

Our students worked really hard on a recruitment video for this upcoming year. We are hoping this video attracts some more students this year. Let us know what you think.

TechFire 225 Recruiting Video

Good video.
Question: how are you getting this out to potential recruits? Showing at a lunch meeting?

Right now blasting on social media and having students share on their social media. We are also having local news outlets post video on their websites. We are a community based team that pulls from 9+ different schools. Some students will be able to play at school, but some schools will not play it.

Hoping to see the analytics in a couple days on our reach foe the video. :slight_smile:

At first glance, I thought the title of the thread was “TechFire 225’s Retirement Video” and I got really confused and sad. Glad to see you all aren’t going away. :smiley:

oh no!!! never thought of that actually, but now that you say it, I see it when glancing at it… :frowning:

We have some pretty good sustainability so I can say we are not going anywhere for a while. :slight_smile: