TechHOUNDS Team 868's New Site


Best viewed in 1280x1024 for now, to be downscaled later.

We are still working out a few bugs but this is what it is going to look like. This year we eased up on the bright orange and took on a new midnight-blue look. We also introduced two flash elements: the menu and the sponsor spiral. The bottom right quotes are a JavaScript which calls a random number.

The pictures are obnoxiously large, thats being fixed tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

We were having trouble earlier because the pictures’ extensions were in caps (Don’t ask me why…) while we called the pictures with lower case extensions on a LINUX server :yikes:

doesn’t the FIRST logo in the top right have to be in color? Just asking b/c I think other ppl have suggested this for other websites.

Just looked around your site a little and it looks good except for one thing… On the home page the link to the “Dazzling photo gallery” does not work. See if you can get that worked out, but other than that it looks great.

The setup and layout looks a lot like Cyber Blue.

just a few issues I can see. I believe that the guidelines for the logo state that you have to use either the colored or inverted logos that FIRST provides.

While I agree with the frame idea of cutting down load time, you also have to remember that you cut down on informational space. In other words, people will loss interest faster. I made that mistake on my site also.

Ryan’s right, it does look a lot like Cyber Blue’s site.

But remember, all I can do is give advice, take it with a grain of salt because my site is no where near close to perfect and its your idea that you are following for the design.


For the FIRST logo, I believe that it was taken from FIRST’s website. I am looking into wether we can use it for digital applications, because the version we are using is in .eps format. Either way we are planning to change it to be safe. Could someone give me some input on wether we can do that?

And I realize the menu does look like cyberblue’s. But, if you took a look at the actionscript for it, it is MUCH different due to the fact that our site is based on frames while Cyberblue’s site reloads.

The little thing with the members in the corner is similar also.

It’s magically in Javascript :slight_smile: Plus it has quotes and doesn’t have specific information.

Either way, everyone has similiar content because it is what is required. The only thing we used that looks like it is from cyberblue’s site is the menu, which we made from scratch by ourselves.

I don’t mean to flame you or anything. Just, in my opinion, it was like CyberBlue’s site with different colors and sizes. Even so, I definitely think it has a lot of originality to it.

Pretty good. However, I didn’t think the side to side scroll bar was very appealing. Maybe if you put something on another page? Also, when I tried to click the sponsors page, it didn’t load. Other than that, a very good site.