Technical Advisor for Team #6969 (Rockland county NY) Needed!

Hi there! My name is Amanda and I am the STEM Coordinator for Clarkstown Central School District in New City. NY.

The Clarkstown South Team #6969 Cyborgs currently do not have a technical advisor and we are trying to find someone for the position. Unfortunately right now, we do not have another teacher in the district who is interested.

I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who would be interested in the position or could spread the word around. Here is the advisor description and information.

The team is made up of such a great group of students who are super motivated and passionate about robotics and we want them to be able to continue to compete.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Have you considered a virtual connection to a remote advisor, or will this not suit your needs. I’m sure a ton of people on here would love to help despite not being in the area.

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