Technical Entrepreneurship by A.Baker (at Championships)


I’m excited to be able to give a presentation on “Technical Entrepreneurship” at the FIRST Championships, at 9:00am on Thursday (room C203).

This presentation will cover the lessons learned as Mark and I started and grew AndyMark over the last 5 years.

The presentation will focus less on technical issues, and more on business issues and “what to do” in order to start and grow a business. This will be basic, common sense stuff, focusing on what worked and what has not (so much).

Hopefully, there will be some friends in the crowd.

Andy Baker

Sounds great, I’ll see if I can make it. Will there be a power point available after wards?

So making an effort to come to this one.


Thank you so much for doing this Andy, I know RC and I really appreciate it!

Break a leg.

Any chance this (or any of the other seminars) could be videotaped and archived online for those that can’t make it to Atlanta?

I second this. Pleaaase, pretty please, I can’t attend in person due to team scheduling but I don’t want to miss out on it.

This is the one presentation I refuse to let my team talk me out of. This type of conference is what future FIRST alumni will truly need to progress their own technical ideas forward. I’ll see ya there!

Andy, I am definitely planning on attending. I would like to bring my business students…the one on the drive team probably won’t make it:rolleyes:

Thanks so much for doing this. I’m sure you will have some words of wisdom we can even apply to our very low-tech paper shredding business.



I have some insider knowledge, as Tom Bottiglieri and I are also giving a talk at the FIRST Championships. (“Agile Design for FIRST Robotics”, 1:00pm on Thursday, room C203. We’re going to talk about how some Agile Software Development practices could help your team conquer Build Season.)

Those in room C203: your session will be video recorded to be posted on the web for teams. You must provide a copy of your presentation on a thumbdrive to the videographer before your session begins so they may link it with the recording.

Thanks Greg, any word on where all these awesome presentations will be located online?

Will this session last over an hour? I am really interested in going, I might have to talk my way out of being scheduled into the pits for this haha.

No one needs to listen to me for over an hour… that is bordering on “cruel and unusual punishment”. The session will start at 9:00am and end at 9:50am. I will be eager to get back to the pits also.

Andy B.

I am going to try and make it depending on the inspection load on Galileo.

Um, pented? (help me out here…)

**IF **I had known maybe the decision to go to ATL would be different. I mean, I have the frequent flyer miles…

There’s nothing like real-world experience, and foem someone who is not afraid to tell of all his mistakes (well, the big ones at least) because, as we all know, success does not teach nearly as much as failure (to those who are paying attention)

Having this recorded, even as audio, would be very nice.