Technical Fouls Applied After the Match?

This is both a rule/strategy, question/discussion. Say an interaction happens where a ref believes to see a tech fouls but waits till the end of the match to discuss what was seen with head ref. Now say a technical foul was called at the end, but the alliance with the foul decided to stop scoring in the tower at 8 balls and captured the tower early. I looked but probably missed it but are technical fouls allowed to be applied after the match? In this scenario, the alliance would lose the capture points whether in qualifications or eliminations.

This is different from most years since fouls usually just removed or added points to the opposing alliance. But since a technical foul can change how an alliance plays, it may be strategic to score 9 balls before capturing or at least one extra if you a ref flag gets raised at all, Technical or not.

Tech fouls can be assessed and retracted following the match at the head refereeā€™s discretion, so if you see a motion for a tech. foul it would be in your best interest to score another ball just in case.