Technical Turkeys

Hey, you technical turkey types, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :smiley:

Back at ya!

And too the both of ya!

Question is why are we on CD on thanksgiving, wait, stupid question! And wait I’m on my cousins computer!

Done with turkey…waiting on pie

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Aren’t you all about six or seven weeks late? :wink: We’re all hard at work up here… spent two hours after school today working with the FTC kids on their robot and will be going on the VEX machines tommorrow morning.

Have a great long weekend!


EDIT: Oh… wait… now I know why you’re all on-line… you’re waiting for the Black Friday sales to start!

Hurray for Tryptophan!

& try not to operate heavy machinery after dinner :stuck_out_tongue:

TRYPTOPHAN!!! I can draw that!!! :smiley: Hooray for biochem!

I can picture it now. “I ate too much and fell asleep, and had a vision about a great Tryptophanic drivetrain. I have a great two-legged design, but how much stuffing should I use? How long should I heat treat it?”. Or something like that :smiley:

So how do I program a pumpkin PID lop?

Well, we all know that PID means Proportional Individual Divisions. So whatever you make out of the pumpkin ,depending on your program, you just cut it up in byte sized pieces and pass it around. Folks with bigger bandwidth may eat more, but that’s always been a tradition.

Everyone knows Pi are round.

Pie are delicious, at least the ones my Mom makes. In the latest case, it’s apricot meringue. Lovely.