techniques to fasten PVC Pipe to a metal rod?

Does anybody know of any techniques that we can use to fasten PVC Pipe to a metal rod somehow? :confused: We’re open to any ideas, thanks.

how do you want it affixed? because it’s possible that you could just drill a BIG hole the size of the metal rod through the pvc and drill a through bolt through the side to secure it. Another idea is that you could bevel out the edges enough along the curve of the pipe to through bolt it…

epoxy? (JB Weld)

hose clamps?

There are lots of way to do this. Some good easy way said above. It would help if we knew what you wanted this to do. Bolting it would make it easier to replace but you could sheer the bolt off and you wouldn’t be attached anymore…mechanism might not work anymore for that match. Epoxy would keep it from becoming unattached but more difficult to replace. I would reccommend bolting to start, test it, and if you need an epoxy or more permanent solution you can do it then.

HMMMMM thats a tough one… what was that stuff?/ four letter word ??, starts with a “g” hmmmmm, ummm how bout GLUE

Could you clarify how you wanted to connect the two pipes? Do you want to butt them end to end or put one at a perpendicular angle to the other?

If you just wanted to butt the two ends together you could make some kind of sleeve or coupling then just use screws or bolts to hold the pipes into the sleeve.

Two ways.

  1. Weld a perpendicular piece of mettal on your metal rod that fits into pvc and then bolt through pvc.

  2. Get dowel of wood to fit for a short distance inside pvc, 3 to 4 inches. Cut hole barely too small for metal rod. Cut slot from bottom of pvc and wood up to that hole. Slide rod in. Clamp down wood on pipe using bolts.

Still don’t know what you’re looking for but oh well.

HMMMMM thats a tough one… what was that stuff?/ four letter word ??, starts with a “g” hmmmmm, ummm how bout GLUE

That still is a tough one to figure out. There are quite a few differnt glues they cold use also you would have to add in that both materials are non porus.

yeah. don’t use stick glue. i think it won’t work.
it matters on the size of the rod, but if it’s a big diameter, you might be able to use wire. maybe. its easy to suspend stuff in mid-air… kinda.
well you said you were open to ANY ideas so…

If you are simply slipping the PVC over the end of a rod…
Cut a slit in the PVC (down the length of the overlap with the rod.) , slide it over the end of the rod, secure with a hose clamp or two that sqeezes the PVC against the rod.

Drill a hole in a PVC end “CAP”, and stick a bolt thru from the inside. Tighten a nut down on it from the other side (really good). Then, glue the cap on the pipe with PVC cement.

For shrimp baiting, we use 12 foot 1.5" pvc pipes to mark the underwater bait. One year we added a 15" threaded rod to the end to help plant in firm bottoms.

Hose clamp

strap it on and screw it down

seconds the hose clamp. they work well, and arent heavy.

One way is to get 1/4" or 34" bolts and bolt the pipes. Make sure its really tight though. You could bolt them in a “X” pattern.

You can buy PVC adapters to get you to a pipe thread. ID and OD.
Then you can use a threaded rod ro connect with a solid connection.
Use PVC cement to put the plastic together.