TechnoKats - 20 Years!

Congratulations to Team 45, the TechnoKats from Kokomo, IN for 20 years in FIRST!

The TechnoKats were the first FIRST team in Indiana and have been a major influence in the growth and maturity of FIRST thoughout Indiana and the world.

Thank You and Congratulations from Cyber Blue!

Good Luck in your 20th season!


Wow, congratulations team 45 and thanks for all you guys do! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It’s quite an accomplishment to keep a program alive and successful for so many years.

On a side note, do we know where any of the original students from the first year are now?

Congrats! :slight_smile: from 1555 PULSE.

Congrats on a great 20 years, congrats on continuing to raise the bar for all teams in and out of Indiana, thank you for inspiring us and working with us all, thank you for setting an unparalled example, and here’s to another 20 years with even greater success!

On a side note, our school newspaper had a photo essay about the CAGE Match and PLTW program. One picture is of several people huddled around diagnosing Mark (our robot), including Alan and Art Anderson. When they get the online version ready, I’ll post a link to it. The picture, while documenting a slice in time, also speaks volumes of the nature, personality, and energy of the TechnoKats.

It’s also cool to see this thread was started by Chris Fultz, Woodie Flowers winner and all-around rockstar, and certainly one who has intimate knowledge of 45 through IRI.

In no small way, 45 has helped me see and understand the bigger picture. Somehow, wrapped in their team package, we can find visionary thinking, innovative ideas, and great role modeling. From where I sit, 45’s journey has been one of magnificent inspiration.

Thank you, TechnoKats. I can’t wait to see the theme that you guys roll out for your 20th.


Thanks to the Technokats for being there all these years. We have always looked up to you for inspiration.

I think it is appropriate to also give thanks to Delphi and the Delphi Foundation for continuing to provide support to teams like 45, 47/51, 48, 378, 1507, 2010, etc. for many, many years, including throughout the rough times of the company’s journey through bankruptcy, which is now thankfully behind us.

This support has certainly aided in the sustainability of long-standing great teams like 45 and has helped them continue to perform at a high level even during rough economic times.