TechnoKats 2008 Ball Drop

Everyone is invited to the 2008 New Year’s Eve ball drop hosted by the TechnoKats for the 10th year. Live music starts in downtown Kokomo at 10:30 with the new year celebrations taking place just before midnight. Fireworks (most likely) will commence afterwards.

Hope you guys are having a good time with your annual New Year’s Eve ball drop! Stay warm!

Happy New Year!

The TechnoKats did an outstanding job performing for last night’s New Year’s Eve “Ball Drop” in downtown Kokomo. This was the 10th year for this fun community event.

Each year, the team pulls together and puts on a good show for the city. Our lead students, Nick Bailey, David Abney, Phil Chauvaux, and Eric Schnabel did a great job running the show this year. Eric and Phil worked many hours with engineering mentor Mike Carmain in getting the ball ready for the event. David and Nick coordinated the installation of the ball, and Nick led the way in coordinating the timing with the event’s master of ceremonies and taught the new mayor how to work the theatrical switch.

Engineer Alan Anderson and Eric Schnabel got the ball to do some neat-o things this year, as the team got the strobes working pretty well.

Also, mucho kudos to Tymi Driver and parent mentor Michele Bender for organizing the sale of hot chocolate. It was a coooold night.

Thanks to these guys and gals for leading this team effort. The city of Kokomo anticipates this event each year, and the TechnoKats always step up to the challenge.

Here’s an article and a picture from the local newspaper about the build-up to the event.

Andy B.

The important new feature of the ball control software was the LED sign countdown clock. I like to think it had a lot to do with helping keep things on stage happening at the right time this year.

Just thought that everyone would like to see the ball from one of our most successful years ever!
There you can see the ball running one of its new animations code named “Confetti” and the new L.E.D. clock/sign that helped keep everything on time.

Congrats. It looks like you guys did a great job on this. But I have to ask: who wants to see a ball drop a competitions with trackballs (like on New Years)?