TechnoKats 2009 Ball Drop

Attention everyone in the general area of Kokomo, Indiana, you are invited to view the 10th aniversary ball drop as we celebrate the new year. The ball will be turned on starting at 11 with live music, then we will count down the new year starting at 11:59 followed by fireworks. Hope to see you all there.

P.S. For those of you south of Kokomo, you may want to go to Muncie, Indiana instead and view the PhyxtGears’ ball drop, this is their first year! Good luck to them as we start a tradition through out F.I.R.S.T.!

Is a ball drop anything like a track ball falling from the bridge?

Very Cool.

What a great project for the community to enjoy, and for the teams to learn great new skills.

For those in the Kokomo/Lafayette area, the Lafayette television station WLFI 18 shot footage today about the ball and it will be on at 6pm.

The ball is very similar in size, and it might be red or blue at one point in time, but that’s where the similarities end.

It really is. I have only been to last years, and now this years and last year it was really cool to see the community stare at something I helped run.

This is an amazingly cool team project! How did everything go last night? Any links to newspaper stories? Did everything go according to plan?

I can’t imagine a better team building & community outreach activity. Hats off to both the Kokomo & Muncie FRC teams.

YES there are tons of links (tons = >2links). First we have the last minute and a half of 2008 posted by a mother on the TechnoKats. Second we have a newspaper slideshow which has a really cool picture of the ball and the light rope. Finally we have the news story which aired at 6pm on a Lafayette news station, which airs in Kokomo, to announce the ball drop.

I have yet to hear anything on how the Muncie ball drop went, so if anyone has any info on it, please let us know!