TechnoKats' designs - responses needed

Fellow FIRSTers,

We TechnoKats are outlining our Chairman’s Award entry.

This year, one of the things we are focusing on is the fact that we have published material for other FIRST teams to use. We began doing this after the 2000 FIRST Competition, and it has appeared to be a good thing that helped many FIRST teams. We have gone on to publish more designs after each FIRST season and now other teams are also publishing their works.

These are the documents that we have published:

  1. TechnoKat Team Handbook-2003
    (the 2001 and 2002 handbooks were also published)

  2. Single Motor Gear Switching Assembly-2000

  3. Dual Motor Gear Switching Assembly-2001

  4. Six Motor Drive Assembly-2002

  5. Autobalance Gyro Code-2001

(all of these are located at our website: TechnoKats , and also located on the ChiefDelphi White Papers page)

If you used these designs and if you would like to give some feedback to the TechnoKats, either post a reply, PM or email me. I am simply soliciting comments for us to use in our Chairman’s Award entry (our Chairman’s Award team asked me to do this). So, if you reply, we may quote you in our 4 page document.

Thank you,
Andy Baker
Lead Engineer
TechnoKats Robotics Team 45