Technokats to the rescue

Team 135 experienced a power outage last night. Besides killing all the power at the school, it fried our OI - the only part for which we don’t have a replacement. Team 45 Technokats are saving our tails by loaning us one of theirs. Drivers from their team and ours are meeting at the halfway point between Mishawaka and Kokomo for the hand off.

Thank you Technokats. True FIRST spirit in action.

Not a problem, Holly. We had this grand plan to build a second robot, but it has not come together (yet)… so we have a second controller to spare. We’re glad to be able to help out.

Andy B.

Wow Andy,
That’s great of your team to do that. It seems the Kats are always showing us what FIRST is really all about. Good luck to you this year!

Once again, a very cool move by the Kats.

Nice job, guys! :smiley: