Technokats transmission

We are a rookie team and we were using the Technokats transmission blueprint. We were just wondering if anyone else who has used it has discovered any problems or has had to modify the plans. Thanks


WOW … quite ambitious for a rookie team … good luck! Fortunately you have a design from on of FIRST’s premier engineers. I’m sure Andy Baker can fill you in on any adjustments you might need to make.

… wait just a minute … HOW can you be an alumnus of a rookie team ?? something’s fishy …

Which transmission are you working on?. The 2003 Gearbox (Shift on the fly), the Six Motor Drive (2002), the Dual Motor Switching (2001), or the Single Motor Gear Switching (2000).

We are almost completed with the construction of the 2 speed shift on the fly transmission. The drawings are mostly straight forward but the concept is what took a while to stick for me.