Technology Teacher Opportunity- FIRST Team 1511 Advisor - Penfield NY School District

Penfield High School, the home of FIRST Team 1511, Rolling Thunder, is looking for a new Technology Teacher. I am the Adult Team Leader for 1511 and are looking for a technology teacher to join our District and FIRST Team.

Penfield is a suburban school district on the East Side of Rochester, NY. I’ve been a mentor on the team for 17 seasons and have to say that it has been an amazing life changing experience. The District is very supportive of our program and the people that work there have been fantastic to interact with.

Our team has been honored with many accolades over 17 seasons including 9 Chairman’s Awards, 6 Engineering Inspiration Awards, and 3 Regional Wins. We have had 8 Dean’s List Finalists in 11 seasons and 4 Woodie Flowers Finalists. We passionately promote FIRST in our community and are looking for someone to help us do even more.

If you are interested, here is a link to the job posting.

The requirements specify a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) certificate but we encourage you to apply even if you don’t have that certificate.

Thank you and we hope you will join us!

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