TechShop coming to Chandler AZ

I thought teams in Arizona would like this, especially if they are in Central AZ.

I can’t wait till our team gets a membership. Finally people who can teach us how to properly use the mill/lathe combo!

For the rest of you, what do you think? Do you have anything similar near you? If you use it, how much does it benefit you?

To all those in Central Arizona who don’t already have a machine shop - Get a membership…now. We have a Tech Shop in San Jose, and it’s been an invaluable resource to many teams. The classes teach a lot, the machines will give you so much more capabilities, and the price is just right.

I believe minors can only use machinery at TS if accompanied by a parent, which is very limiting. We heard they would like to find a way for students to have more access but have to deal with insurance issues before that can happen.

I hope they open up one in Southern California soon. I got to go there when I went o Google I/O this year and I thought it was awesome!

Check out:
I have been going there almost daily this summer running various projects and our new WCD frame.