TechTiger thwarts chainsaw wielding intruder

Kenny Partenan, a member of Team 1251, was waiting at his house for cables to arrive for Mission Mayhem on Saturday when he encountered an uninvited guest.:eek:

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After his little tussle, Kenny worked as a volunteer at Mayhem as if nothing had happened!

Only in Florida… I swear. lol :rolleyes:

Wow. That’s all I have to say I guess. Just wow.

Wow, this is amazing. Thumbs-up to Kenny for handling that like a pro.

(Yet another reason not to cross the TechTigers, I suppose.)

I really was speechless when Kenny told me what happend at Mayhem later that day. “the friends that had just left and picked up the compressor” were Sebastian and I from 1251. I am just happy Kenny and his family are okay.


Holey smokes… many of us saw the Partenens come in to the event with the radio cables, shipped from FIRST the day before, but we had no idea this happened. Kudos to Kenny and his parents. Thank heavens for quick thinking by Kenny and no more trouble than what was caused.

Looking back on the morning, I did get the feeling that something odd just took place when the Partenens rolled the box of cables into the arena. They were fairly protective of this package, and seemed very proud to be able to deliver it, as if they went through a journey to get the package and deliver it.

Little did we know that was exactly the situation.

Way to go Kenny!

Andy Baker

Why the hell don’t the press charges agaisnt this psycho?

Talk about a dedicated Mayhem volunteer! I can’t imagine refocusing after the experience he went through Sat. morning. Seriously, the incident described could have gone very badly. Kenny is a hero for protecting his parents and brother (and one dependable individual to still honor his *FIRST *committments).

Even though this is pretty serious, you can’t help but laugh at;

“I yelled to my dad, ‘Bring something metal and hard!’” Kenny said.

No one but a FIRSTer or engineer would be that specific :stuck_out_tongue: .

In all seriousness, that’s pretty impressive… Training in kickboxing, wrestling & grappling (bjj) myself, I see plenty of guys that seem great in drills, but freeze up when we spar full contact (hey… even happens to me sometimes), let alone a real conflict.

I think there’s probably a lot of truth to that, Adam.

Also, I’m not really surprised. Mayhem has so much heart. It’s a little hard to explain - but after being there this past weekend - I get it. If any of you ever have a chance to travel to Florida for Mayhem, an off season, or the Florida Regional, go! Go compete and/or volunteer with these amazing teams and people. I’m thinking this is the same quiet unassuming Kenny that I met after breakdown Saturday night and also, I agree with Drew - I’m happy that Kenny and his family are ok.

WOW. What a story. I am glad that everyone is OK. I understand about not pressing charges. Any of us could have a neighbor like that.

BUT…I can’t get the image out of my head of Dave appearing at Kickoff with a chainsaw.:eek:

Wow, I guess there is a time when I don’t want robotics cited in the news.

Kenny, hope you’re doing alright. Know that your FIRST family is here to lean on if you need us.


Nice job, man! I’ve trained in Martial Arts for 6 years entirely so I hope I never have to use what I’ve learned! But seriously, major props for keeping your head and handling the situation in an efficient manor!

having a certified wepon makes me feel so much safer on my team :slight_smile:

Kenny is such an amazing guy.

When I found out about this I was speechless but all i can say is that I’m glad everyone is ok.

I be that was a hell of an experience. So what’s gonna happen to this neighbor of Kenny’s? Nice job Kenny. Hope your mother keeps spending money on those lessons.:slight_smile:

Front page of Yahoo!!!

Good one!! Apparently if you fight off an intruder in a weird fashion, you get front page, but if you draw thousands of people to an international robotics event, you get nothing.
I’ve never seen The Championship Event on the front page of Yahoo. :frowning:

So I get online today, open up and watch the video. I think to my self. “wow that was pretty cool.” Then open up CD for my daily check of the FIRST world and I see this. Wow! I am happy to hear that no one was seriously injured. Good Job Kenny.

When I saw him earlier, I told him to beat the crap out of people more often. =)

I spend a lot of time at Kenny’s house and I am very glad that everyone was safe. Oh, and he will be on FOX news tommorrow at 1:00 p.m. Make sure to tune in.

i did the EXACT same thing…

haha =)

Wow that must have done something to that compressers resale value! :yikes:

Wow… you never know what you’ll get in to when you do robotics… great job!