TechTV | The FIRST Robotics Competition,24330,3659257,00.html

Pretty cool, I’m a big fan of TechTV and actually know the former Fresh Gear Host, Sumi Das from being an journalist in the video game industry. Some of her past articles on linked to my site, which was really cool :slight_smile: . She now works at MSNBC. Anyways…just thought I mention some FIRST news I found.

repeat thread…do a search first…

That article is SO cool! I used to love TechTV… and especially Fresh Gear and The Screen Savers. I don’t watch either anymore - because of G4. I wish they would bring back Leo, Pat and Sumi :frowning: . They were cool.

Ya, they made a press release a couple of days ago that they (G4) were going to revert to the gaming network - so no more screensavers or anything else. BAH! But thebroken is coming back, so i guess its all ok.