TED talk on "Robots for Humanity" - 5 stars

This TED talk almost made me cry. See the work of Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins at the “Robots for Humanity” program.

This is one of the many reasons why we support FIRST.

This is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

I just finished watching it! Actually, I found out about it on their website. After watching this, I realized the wide spectrum of possibilities for robotics. I an now inclined to making some sore of mouse pointer that allows him to use nothing but his eyes! Not only would that be good for people with accessibility options, but it would be useful in piano class! :D. Also, the AR drone is expensive. I wish to reduce the price of something like that while giving a higher quality and a greater battery life than just 18 minutes per battery!

In short, technology is advancing and we, robotics students, need to make it advance even faster and help those who need assistance. We also need to make a substitute for the car that is safer and easier to use, and not limited to only adults! :wink: