TEDx Talk

Hey everyone!

Recently I got invited to speak at a TEDx event on behalf of my team FRC 498 The Cobra Commanders… It’s finally online and though I’d share it with the FIRST community! I chose to speak about what makes FIRST different!!!

Please help share this video, we’re trying to Make FIRST loud!!!


Woah, that was an awesome presentation! If I were in your position, I’d probably have a nervous breakdown. But everything was spot on in what you said; and it makes me happy that we’re spreading the message of FIRST and what it teaches beyond our high schools and competitions. If you choose to present again, I wish you the best of luck!


Just finished watching it. What an awesome talk and video; thank you for sharing this with us. Posted it on Facebook to help spread the word further.

That was an amazing talk, and I’m glad to see the ideas of FIRST being spread. So many people really need to know about this, and it’s great to see it in something that so many people will watch. Thank you, and good luck to you in the future.

Thanks guys! We’d like to make this to a viral video for FIRST. I know its not perfect but the message is what FIRST is.

This was a wonderful presentation! You backed up your idea with some very descriptive details, which enhanced the presentation as a whole.

Taking a small concept from a high school robotics competition, and curiously explaining the advantages of taking the same concept but applying it to much bigger things is just brilliant.

Nice job!

Very nice job

Terrific presentation, way to go.
It’s not about the competition and it’s not about the robot.

I loved your presentation on what FIRST means to all of the students (including me!) that participate in robotics on a regular basis. I recommend this video to all!