TEDx - The Y Team FRC 3211

So, we recently gave our a TEDx lecture at the Weinstein Institute in Israel about how we run our town’s Robotics Program.
Please see it, comment, like and share of you can - we want to reach as many people as we can…
Also, Sharing it on facebook etc would be awesome if you can…

And of course, and healthy discussion right here would be nice as well
Direct link:

Facebook Channel:

We’d rather have it shared via our facebook account, because than any questions etc that might rise will be directed to us, and not to the owners of the youtube channel of TED.


This is awesome, I’m super glad to see FIRST making its way into TEDx talks. The focus on alternative education techniques is also really great.

The only thing I would say might be useful to add would be how you are actually operationalizing these ideas of alternative education. Once the students are already excited and working hard on something, then you are good to go. But getting them to that point where they are willing to work hard is, I think, the crux of powerful education. Teaching educators how to do THAT is key.

Edit: Forgot to add, your team is simply amazing! Keep doing what you are doing :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the Y team on putting together such a wonderful presentation. You are truly an amazing team that provides a strong role model for all FIRST Teams.
We treasure the that time we spent with you last season.
Best Wishes for a great 2015 season.

Thanks Al, we learned a lot from you guys and are already implementing lots of stuff…

We hope to see you again same time same place :stuck_out_tongue: