Teensy 2.0 board use with Labview

My name is Stewart Vohra, member of Team 862 lightning robotics. I am currently trying to use the Teensy 2.0 USB development board as an interface device with labview. The problem I am having specifically is this: when I plug the USB cable the device uses into my PC, which runs using the Windows XP operating system, it fails to install the USB serial driver software. I tried ollowin the prompt instructions for installing it manually, but it only gives me the option of uninstalling it in the Device Manager program. I tried doing that and reinstalling it, but that gives me the same result. I also tried auto-updating and browsing for the driver software, but that failed too. Restarting the computer did not work either. When I tried to run another program that needed the Serial Drivers, it said I had to install them. What should I do? Any ideas?