Telemetry font

Is there any option to change the font size of the telemetry?

I doubt it. The Driver Station app is not designed to provide much flexibility. Of course, I don’t happen to have it in front of me right now so I can’t check.

To clarify, we’re talking about FTC, correct?

Yes we are

FTC driver station app is provided by FIRST and cannot be changed. So you can’t change the font displayed by telemetry.
Why do you need to change the font? If you tell us the reason, we may be able to come up with other solutions that don’t need to change font.

I know on some Android devices, you can change system font. As to application-specific fonts, that’d be up to the developer. Other than system font, you likely won’t be able to change it.

The font is a bit small and it’s hard to read.
And how can I change sytstem font?

That will depend on what android version you have.

Unfortunately, it’s amazon version