Teleop in "Autonomous" - Sandstorm

I have heard that in order to run driver control during the sandstorm, all we have to do is put the teleop function in the autonomous? I wanted to hear from those who went to week 1 regional to make sure that is how it works and also which function(s) of teleop goes into which function(s) of autonomous? I am using c++ for programming.

Command based or iterative/timed?

From what I understand, command-based robots will do this automatically as long as you don’t start a command in autonomous.

For iterative/timed robots, just call teleopPeriodic() from the autonomousPeriodic() function, and that should do the trick. If you have a second bot (or even just a test board) you can test this by selecting “Autonomous” in the driver station before enabling the robot, then trying out teleop controls.

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