Teleop problems

I am trying to get my app to run on a Android phone, and one of the tings stopping it from working, is : ‘class or interface’, Here is the code:

@TeleOp(name=“TeleOpPrototype1”, group = “TeleOpPrototypes”)
public class TeleOpPrototype1 extends LinearOpMode}
// private DcMotor motorLeft = null;
// private DcMotor motorRight = null;
// private DcMotor armMotor1 = null;
// private DcMotor armMotor2 = null;
// private DcMotor armMotor3 = null;
// private Servo gripServo = null;
// private Servo ejecterServo = null;

    private DcMotor ForeArm = null;
    private DcMotor UpperArm = null;
    private DcMotor LeftWheel = null;
    private DcMotor RightWheel = null;
    private Servo Clamp = null;
    private Servo Ejector = null;

    private static final class ARM_RETRACTED_POSITION = 0.2;
    private static final class ARM_RETRACTED_POSITION = 0.8;

That is the whole class.

Everything in blue is throwing up a ‘class or interface’ warning. I am also ignoring everything in the //. Should I pay attention to that?

You can’t declare variables outside of a class; which is what the editor thinks you are doing now.

I really don’t think you want ARM_RETRACTED_POSITION to be a class either.

You’ve somehow managed to type a } after LinearOpMode, it should be at the very bottom of the file.

Yeah, I know about the bracket. I also had a ‘looking for }’ or ‘invalid ;’. On the other hand, I did use the LeftWheel and RightWheel once after that. I also have a hardware map file. Would I implement it into this?


No, seriously. I’m am very confused.

  1. You say you know about the bracket. Great. Did you fix it?
  2. You say you used LeftWheel and RightWheel after… something. Yet before you claimed the entire file had been posted. Which is it?
  3. What are you trying to say about the hardware map file? “Implement it” doesn’t really make any sense, as I seriously doubt your hardware map is an interface. If it is, you’re doing something wrong.

It would be a lot easier to help you if I could view your code on github or something similar.

Sorry, yes, turning it to brackets did help. I was getting errors for turning it to brackets, but they might not have been in the right place.