Teleop spontaneously locking up

When testing my team’s drive base, teleop is stopping with agressive changes in motor speed.

I’m currently using four Jaguars and CIMs to control the stock arcade drive VI, and all it takes to lock up the robot is a few quick changes between maximum axis values (e.g. left, right, then forward in a second). The robot fails to function after this, but no errors show up in the drive station and teleop remains enabled. The issue can be temporarily resolved by disabling and reenabling teleop, but the same movements will cause the problem to happen again.

While there is no guarantee this is strictly a programming issue, all of the electrical and mechanical connections on the robot base have been checked.

Is anyone else having this issue, or know how to fix it?

Are your 5v, 6v, and BATTERY lights lit up on your Digital Sidecar?

It sounds more like your Jaguars are tripping a fault (probably either current or low voltage) than that your code is locking up. Can you see if your Jaguar LEDs are blinking either red or red and yellow when the robot is unresponsive?

Someone pointed out that the Jaguars all blink red briefly upon failing, so I believe it’s probable that we are pulling too much current.