Teleoperate my home project...

This is a project I have spent some time on while avoiding work.
Check it out at http:\

I flipped the forklift :frowning:

This is a really cool project though, wish I had time to work on something like it. Whats it for?

EDIT: “Out to lunch” now… :confused:

o!o!o! come back from lunch, i wanna play with it! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is just for fun.

I have a windows socket that is temperamental and keeps crashing the connection to the net. I will have it back online soon.


From what I can see it looks cool, the pictures make one wonder how it works. I will have to check back often to see when its working again.


I played with it for like 10 minutes earlier today, this is seriously one of the awesomest things I’ve ever found on the internets. Now whenever I try it says that it’s too busy with other users or “currently unavailable” as a result of that socket :frowning:

I’ve been checking it since about 12:30, but it always says:

Sorry, the Robot is currently Unavailable.

Robot Last Reported Online 08-Jun-07 12:11 PM

Please fix it, I want to play with the truck.:frowning:

back online now, i will take a closer look at the windows socket code. ( I think the socket itself my have a memory leak)



That was the most fun I’ve ever had on a website lol. sorry about the forklift tho! I could never get the dump truck to work, and the labels are kind of different it says forklift and I drive the dump truck and it says dump truck and i drive the forklift.

Yeah, when I started I saw a hand move out of view. Then I drove around the ‘dumptruck’ (really the forklift) for a while, until I got it tangled with the dumptruck. Then I got the arm to pick up the ball. Was very entertaining.

Great work!


It would appear the vehicles are shut off for the night eh? Anyhow, this looks very neat. I’ll have to check back.

Somebody tipped the truck, and the forklift won’t move.

Really interesting project. Good work.

Chris has had it up for ever…I was hoping he’d never post it lol. It is one of the funnest websites ever…Get a friend on one side and you on the other and try to tip each other over…We did that at robotics post ship and it is a great way to bond.

Good work Chris… Don’t forget about my computer…

Yeah, I think the batteries in both vehicles are dead. The lights don’t even come on when you go to control them.

The arm still works thought (and well!)


haha, i was playing with someone else earlier, that was a lot of fun!

My socket code appears very stable now and I bought some more rechargables for them both.

The more people get on the better I know my software is stable.


I love this thing :smiley: played with it a little bit this morning, picked up some stuff, carried it, etc lol. Although the forklift doesn’t seem to be going down, there are no problems with bots not working or switching or whatever.

Have you thought about posting this to Engadget or any other tech blogs like that to get more traffic?

looks good.

there is still something in the forklift not allowing it to go down all the way. i wonder how that got in there…:wink:

When ever I try to get on, I can load the applet on the right, but the applet on the left just keeps the java logo on it.

EDIT: I got the applet to load, but now I keep getting “Error: Could not open socket”

Ok, the socket died again.
It only appears to fail when I get a lot of traffic, so I need to do some more testing before I post it anywhere else.

I will let you know when it is back and I can have some more help testing.