Telescoping Arm Doesn't Retract With Encoder

We are using a telescoping arm to pick up and place game pieces. On the telescoping arm, there is an SRX Magnetic Encoder. The goal is for the encoder to stop the arm from extending too far and falling apart. When the encoder is unplugged, the arm is able to extend and retract freely. When it is plugged in, the arm can extend but not retract. All references to the encoder in our code have been commented out, so we are confused why there are still issues.

The full robot

The gearbox with the motor and encoder

The arm partially extended

The motor controller when trying to retract the arm

Sounds like it could be a limit switch problem. If you’re not meaning to use limit switches, make sure the pads aren’t shorted and the SRX settings have both forward and reverse limit switches set to normally open.


Apologies for responding so late, but it turns out it was an issue with the encoder’s wire. We replaced it and everything worked as expected.

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