telescoping arm & ten second rule

If my team had a telescoping arm (to score ten points by being a in a zone from across the field) and this arm was powered by a spring (meaning not powered by battery).

Say this arm took 5 seconds to extend, and we released it at 1:59, would the arm moving after the two minutes, and finally reaching into the home zone be legal, or must all parts of the robot stop immediatly after the 2 minutes are up.

I know FIRST gives 10 seconds to allow things to come to rest, but would intentionally moving (unpowerd by battery) after the two minutes be legal??


Ben Mitchell

I am pretty sure that’s ok, as long as your arm isn’t dangerous to the judge or anything. I saw a message some where in the Yahoo Group just today about the exact same question.

It is acceptable… They do however have limits on what types of stored energy you can use, you must make sure it isn’t concidered a projectile (including ground-effect projectiles), and it must not cause a risk of entanglement (time remaining is ignored).

I think I read somewhere that is legal. Our team has a similar plan. But the way I see it is, you can’t help what happens after the power is cut, you can’t do anything they can’t do anything. I think they’ll still count it though. Guess we’ll just have to see! Good Luck!!!

I think everything is scored once everything on the feild comes to rest. Sounds legal to me.